What’s A Toilet Seat Riser? [How They Can Provide Relief]

What’s a Toilet Seat Riser and How Can it Help?

Functioning independently is a luxury many individuals don’t have. It’s also a luxury that individuals are striving to gain back and looking for solutions that could make their day even a little bit easier. If you are an individual with limited mobility or a disability, you likely understand where I’m coming from. It’s tough to find or know which devices may provide optimal relief and allow you to gain some independence without relying on the aid of others for assistance. One of those devices that can help you when using a toilet is known as a toilet seat riser. Questions frequently arise when discussing this device. What is a toilet seat riser? Here is what I know on this topic.

So, what is a toilet seat riser? Toilet seat risers are an assistive device designed to provide aid to individuals with limited mobility. When the toilet seat is raised or elevated, it allows individuals with limited mobility to transfer from a wheelchair or other assistive device to the toilet much easier. Toilet risers also provide for less bending motion and more comfort when using the toilet.

In addition to the answer provided above, I wanted to take the time to cover a few other aspects of toilet risers and what to expect when deciding if you should purchase one or not. Let’s start diving into some of those details now.

Toilet Risers and How They Work

As stated previously, toilet seat risers are nothing but a device that attaches to your current toilet in your bathroom and elevates the seat height to a more comfortable position. Often toilet risers will have bars on each side of the toilet or “handles” that will provide more balance and stability.

This is especially helpful for individuals with mobility issues, balance control issues or other disabilities. Toilet seat risers simply attach to the top of the current toilet easily. Some toilet seat risers come in a much more simple fashion.

These toilet seat risers will be very basic. No tools will be required for install, and they don’t come included with the bars attached to the toilet seat riser. It’s a simple 4-6-inch rise or lift on the standard toilet and the new toilet seat riser rest on the current toilet.

When using this form of a toilet seat riser, all you will need to do it lift the toilet seat and place the new riser onto the toilet. These simple and basic forms of toilet seat risers should fit snuggly on any toilet. You can test the grip by attempting to move the toilet seat from side to side. Ideally, you want no movement to take place when attempting to pull or turn the toilet seat riser.

One downfall with very basic models is weight capacity. They will typically allow and remain stable for up to 300 pounds. This is also keeping in mind that you should never to put the full body weight on the front of the toilet seat riser to remove the possibility of tipping the riser over. This could easily result in a fall if this is the model you opt to use.

Pricing for a Basic Elevated Toilet Seat Riser

The pricing for these basic models is the biggest attraction or what makes them popular. You can purchase this kind of a riser at almost any department store for roughly 20 dollars. A higher-end model including grab bars on either side can quickly run you 40-75.00 depending on how high end you decide to go.

Toilet Seat Riser with Removable Arms and Grab Bars

Personally, if you have the budget, I highly recommend using a toilet seat riser that comes included with the side handles or grab bars. The additional stability and ease of transfer from a wheelchair can significantly reduce the risk of a fall or slip when using the restroom. The toilet seat risers can also have added weight capacity with some capable of supporting up to 450 pounds.

What Should You Do Next?

At the Senior Spot, we always recommend determining what’s going to serve your needs best. With toilet seat risers, there is no need to get crazy overthinking the situation. The entire point is to add comfort and provide aid when getting on and off the toilet. In addition, you should be looking to remove the chance of a possible fall or slip.

Anyway, we can remove the chance of injury or even possible death to a fall for someone with limited mobility is the entire goal and what to strive for when shopping assistive devices.

Final Word, Toilet Seat Risers Can Add Comfort, Safety and Easy Transfer with A Simple Installation

Toilet seat risers are incredibly easy to install. It’s a plug-in-play set up that requires nothing but placing the new toilet seat riser on your original toilet. For the low cost and ease of use, it’s crazy not to give one a try.

The added safety, stability and transferring to the toilet could be a significant relief if you have been struggling to perform using the toilet on your own. Find a toilet seat riser that fits your needs best and begin enjoying the perks of living more independently today.

What’re your thoughts on toilet seat risers? Do you have any specific models or risers that you recommend? Be sure to drop a comment below.

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