What Is The Best Magnifier For Reading Books? [What You Need to Know]


Magnifiers and reading go hand in hand later in life. Especially when we start dealing with difficulties visually seeing the text like we used to. It’s part of life. Luckily, several options are currently available that can make this a much easier task to complete.

Magnifying glasses are not only inexpensive but can help individuals with a wide variety of vision issues ranging from macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. Sometimes, when looking into magnifiers, you may even find the perfect fit and have a magnifier that can help with other hobbies requiring some additional abilities to read the fine print and fine details such as coin collecting.

The question still always remains. What is the best magnifier for reading books? With some years in this industry and after some research, here is what I know.

So, what is the best magnifier for reading books? The best magnifier for reading books is going to vary based on individual needs, the vision impairment you are suffering from and how much magnification you need to see the book you are reading clearly. Many options are available.

I’m sure you are looking for a more detailed answer than this. The good news? I plan on breaking down the options and frequently asked questions that often arise when trying to find the best magnifier possible. Let’s dive into some of the details.

What to Look for In Reading Magnifiers, Some Top Considerations


Some of the most important things to consider when finding a magnifier include items such as viewing size or glass width. This will make up your total viewing area and can impact how much surface area you can cover with less arm movement.  Also, deciding if you want a stand magnifier or a portable magnifier is something that’s important to consider. Outside of that, let’s cover some of the other features you can look for in your magnifier.

•    Do You Need Lightweight and Larger Viewing Areas?

•    Do You Need Bright LED’s that Allow for Night Reading?

•    How High End of Construction Do You Need?

•    Do You Need Texturize Grips?

•    Do You Need the Ability to Interchange the Lenses?

•    How Much Magnification Do You Need? How Bad Is Your Vision? What Are You Reading?


These may seem like small considerations to cover in detail, but they are essential in their own ways. Let’s break down each of these scenarios and explain why they matter.

Large Viewing Areas, Why the Can Help You


First and foremost is the often-overlooked viewing area. This merely means the size of the glass itself on your magnifier. Larger viewing areas are going to limit the amount of hand movement needed to read which is not only going to save you time but should also reduce stress on your hands and arms from constantly scrolling books, newspapers, and other reading materials. A small but significant benefit to consider.

Next, We Need to Consider LED Lighting and The Importance of Including LEDs.


With LED lights, you are opening yourself up to the ability to read at night without requiring any additional lighting in the room. The LED lights will allow you not to drive your spouse crazy to get some nighttime reading completed while your spouse sleeps soundly in the dark.

Additionally, you just never know when these LED lights may come in handy. Never a bad option to consider with your magnifier purchase.

The Size and The Weight of The Magnifier Is Important


Next, we need to consider the size and weight of the magnifier. Especially when it comes to reading. If you’re looking for the best magnifier for reading, the weight may not sound all that important now, but it will become important when you start feeling the fatigue and discomfort from holding the magnifier for hours at a time to complete your daily reading.

Ask yourself, what will I be using this magnifier for and what would serve me best? As soon as you go with a magnifier with no texturized grips or that’s a bit too heavy, you may find yourself jumping back online to look for a different one.

How High End of a Magnifier You Looking For?


Some magnifiers are clearly constructed with poor quality. An example of this could be a magnifier with no grips or comfortable way of holding the device. If you are on an extremely tight budget, maybe these make sense. If, however, you can spend the extra few dollars, you should always consider a magnifier that is constructed solidly and is comfortable for you to hold for hours at a time.

Most magnifiers that fall into these classes cost barely any more than the cheaply constructed magnifiers. A texturized grip is a small but important luxury to have with your magnifier.

What about Interchangeable Lenses? Should I Consider This Feature?


Absolutely. It would be crazy not to consider this feature. Let’s use the iMagniphy 2 Lens Set as an example. This product allows you to have a 5x Magnifier and a 10X Magnifier on hand ready to go at any time. This can give you the ability to perform different task and hobbies with ease, and it literally takes no time at all to make the change.

For the few bucks additional compared to another traditional magnifier sets, it would be crazy not to consider having other magnification options.

Warranties Have Always Mattered and They Always Will


Another top consideration is the warranty your magnifier comes backed by. While these magnifiers aren’t designed to break easily, accidents do happen and sometimes a product comes not fully functioning or experiences issues from time to time. We are all human, and mistakes can be made on the manufactures end of a transaction as well. No need to worry if you are backed by a solid warranty.

You should always consider purchasing a reading magnifier that offers a lifetime warranty. If something does go wrong with your magnifier, you have the peace of mind knowing that you can easily get a new replacement magnifier quickly and without spending any additional cash.

With how fast our world operates today, you could probably have a new magnifier shipped to your home in a matter of 24 hours with no additional money coming out of your pocket. You can’t beat that.

Do You Need A Full-Size Stand Reading Magnifier?


Depending on how often you read, you may be better suited looking at a magnifier that comes on a stand. Beware, they do cost more than a handheld reading magnifier.  The bonus features that is important about these stand magnifiers is the long gooseneck flexible enough to adjust it easily to bring it closer to you or further away. It just provides some important additional flexibility to your reading.


Don’t Forget About Battery Life and Charging Options with Magnifiers


Yes, batteries are needed for handheld lighted LED reading magnifiers. The bonus of the stand lamp magnifiers is they usually just plug into a standard wall outlet. However, considering the battery life of your handheld reading magnifier is an important consideration.

We always claim we will be prepared or have backup batteries if something does happen to die or run out of juice, but we all know the truth. We rarely are prepared so choosing a reading magnifier with long battery life is a small consideration you can make that could provide a world of difference for your reading abilities on the go or at home.

So, Let’s Recap. What’s the Best Reading Magnifier?


The answer is simple. There is no “best” magnifier for reading. It depends on you and what you need. You need to consider the essential items discussed in this post and find what works best for you. Personally, at Senior Spot, we love the iMagniphy Option for a fantastic budget friendly reading magnifier.

It will come with the textured grips, interchangeable lens, led lighting and a lifetime warranty. That checks almost every box and consideration we discussed here today?

What Are You Waiting For? Find Yourself A Great Magnifier and Get Back to Enjoying Reading Again


Finding the best magnifier in the beginning stages of the process may sound daunting or confusing, but it’s not. There just happens to be hundreds of options so you may be overwhelmed. Simply, figure out what fits your reading style the best and what features you are looking for and give one a try.

We aren’t looking at prices that are going to cause bankruptcy with magnifiers, so maybe some trial and error will occur, but ultimately, we are confident that we have guided you toward the correct path and considerations you need to take when making that decision.





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