What Is an Uplift Seat Assist? [Benefits and How They Work}

What Is A Uplift Seat Assist? Here is How They Work!

Comfortable seating and transferring to and from the seated position are luxuries some individuals just don’t have anymore, unfortunately. At least not without the help of some form of a device to help aid them through the process. Luckily, in a world and market full of devices designed to help individuals with these mobility problems, presents you with options and ways to restore the quality of life. One of the devices that have shown up recently in forums and other communities that I wanted to touch on is known as the Uplift Seat Assist. What is an uplift seat assist? Here is what I can tell you about this subject.

So, what is an uplift seat assist? An uplift seat assist is typically used with an armchair, couch, loveseat or sofa. Uplift seat assist will help the individual raise into a standing position without needing to overexert energy or place any additional strain on their bodies or joints. It’s ideal for individuals with arthritis and other joint related mobility issues.

Although uplift seat assist may be the most desirable for individuals with arthritis, I wanted to take the time in this post to break down other unique uses and explain the uplift seat assist more in-depth. Let’s start diving into the details.

More About the Uplift Seat Assist, How They Work and How to Use Them

Uplift seat assist is designed to place directly over another seat or furniture within your home. They can be used on couches and sofas as we discussed before. Additionally, they can be used on items such as kitchen chairs or recliners.

Additionally, uplift seat assist uses a special memory foam that provides ultimate comfort while in the seated position. Another significant benefit offered by the uplift seat assist is the fact that they come with water-resistant coatings that help protect against pressure sores from long durations of sitting.

The cover that comes with your uplift seat assist allows you to wash your seat assist quickly and easily with cold water. When the seat assist is extended out, it will enable for each transfer into the standing position which Is a significant benefit for individuals with mobility issues and pain from arthritis.

Other Specifications of Uplift Seat Assist

Uplift Seat Assist have some other unique traits to them. One of them is their unique ability to lift up to 350lbs without a main power source such as batteries or a standard wall outlet. Uplift seat assist are self-powered and don’t require a power source such as batteries to function and can typically aid individuals and provide roughly 70% assistance into the standing position from a seated position.

The 70% assistance will apply to individuals up to 350lbs with most uplift seat assist. This is one of the strong selling points from my point of view. The reason being is that uplift seat assist are exceptionally light and easy to transport weighing anywhere between 7-10 pounds depending on the exact make and model that you chose to purchase.

Most uplift seat assist will even come equipped with a built-in-carry-handle for easy transportation and activates automatically lifting you upwards and forward out of your seated position. Additionally, uplift seat assist does come standard with memory foam cushions for comfort as well as waterproof covers which can enhance its ability to be durable and longer lasting.

How Much Do Uplift Seat Assist Cost?

This may be one of the downfalls I was able to find when it comes to uplift seat assist. The price point may be considered slightly high for the average senior’s budget or the budget of an individual who already has costly medical bills in many circumstances eating into their pockets.

On average, depending on which uplift seat assist you to decide to go with, you are looking at spending anywhere from 175.00-225.00 to purchase the unit. You can opt to purchase uplift seat support that will provide 100% lift opposed to the 70% discuss earlier.

You can also opt to purchase uplift seat assist that will support additional weight while transferring you back to the standing position. In most circumstances, the more weight the seat assist can lift into the standing position and the further into the standing position it takes you, the more the device will cost you.

The 100% lift assistance that supports 350 pounds runs closer to 350.00 to purchase opposed to the 175.00-325.00 price tag we discussed previously to give you a quick comparison.

Lastly, although the seat assist is automatic and doesn’t require a power source, your higher end models are going to come with more user-friendly hand controls that will allow you to reach and adjust your seat with ease as opposed to the lower end models which may not offer this same function.

With the budget many seniors or individuals with mobility issues may have to work with, this may be one of the more costly devices to purchase that needs careful consideration and planning before doing so.

In Summary, While Uplift Seat Assist May Be Expensive, They May Be Just What You Need

At the end of the day, I completely understand that it’s tough to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a new assistive device. Especially when you are working with a tight budget and have other needs that need attention as well. Nonetheless, an uplift seat assist can surely make your life much more comfortable.

They can aid with comfort, mobility and relieve significant pain and stress on joints and muscles when maneuvering from a seated position back to the standing position. On a long list of assistive devices that are currently available and marketed to seniors or individuals with mobility problems, the uplift seat assist is one on the list that I would be considering purchasing at one point or another.

What’re your thoughts on the uplift seat assist? Do you know anyone who has used one in the past or currently and what has their experience been with them so far? Be sure to share your stories and drop a comment below.

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