What is A Medical Alert Device? [Breakdown + Suggestions]


What Are Medical Alert Devices? Here’s the Information You Need

The risk of falling among the senior citizen demographic is a real issue that needs to be addressed. In fact, falls account for more injuries among the senior population than any other incident. Luckily there are things you can do to keep yourself or even loved ones safe from this risk. With that in mind, you likely have questions and I see one question arising often. What is a medical alert device? Here is what I can tell you on this topic.

So, what is a medical alert device? A medical alert device is a device designed to be worn and comes equipped with a button that can create an urgent response or a call for help when pushed. It’s usually clipped around clothing or a wrist and is used to help alert help in case you fall or cause injury.

When it comes to choosing a medical alert device or understanding the effectiveness, you may be interested in knowing some further information. The good news is that is exactly what I intend to provide in this post here today.

Give me 2-3 minutes and I will have you well on your way towards having a full understanding of how to use, purchase and keep yourself safe with a medical alert device.

Wearable Medical Alert Devices

Wearable medical alert devices have been around for a long time. We have all seen them on commercials and advertisements but never really thought much of it or the benefits they can provide. However, these devices are built to be a literal lifesaver for seniors at risk of falling.

In some situations, it may not even be useful for a senior at risk of falling but also individuals who are struggling with current mobility issues due to injury or illnesses. The entire premise behind these devices is to be able to call for help immediately when something does happen to render medical aid.

For example, although medical alert devices do have their large buttons designed to allow for a push-button alert activated by the user in case of an emergency.

However, what’s often overlooked is the fall detection that’s also built into these systems to assist in calling for help when an individual can’t or has an injury occur that doesn’t quite allow for them to physically push the button.

Clearly, this is a nice and needed benefit to implement within medical alert devices.

How Do Notifications Work?

Notifications with wearable medical alert devices can work one of two ways or can have both features working for you at the same time. First and most importantly, you have the help signal triggered to certified aid or certified personnel who can alert medical help and first responders.

Additionally, medical alert devices can be set to alert to a caretaker or a family member that the alarm or emergency button has been pressed or activated indicating that a fall has taken place.

Clearly, this is a nice benefit to include so that not only can certified medical help can be in route to provide aid, but a family member can be made aware of the situation.

The Newest and Best Medical Alert Devices

Currently, a new device has taken over as perhaps one of the most innovative and best options you can consider for a medical alert device that’s not only stylish but gets the job done and help on the way if something did god forbid happen.

The Great Call Medical Alert Device

The Great Call medical alert device is the newest device that we have seen in recent time designed to provide aid for seniors or anyone with mobility issues if an injury or a fall did take place. It’s a wearable watch that connects directly to your smartphone.

Wearing the watch is a sure-fire way to ensure that you always have close reach and ease of access to the device if something happened. In addition, the Great Call still comes equipped with fall detection.

Here are a few of the other great features you can enjoy and have a peace of mind with using the Great Call.

  • Fully Waterproof
  • Connects Via Bluetooth to Your Smart Device
  • Comes Programmed to Encourage Daily Exercise with Pre-Built Programs
  • Does Not Requiring Charging
  • Connects to Highly Trained Agents Who Can Render Medical Help if the Situation Calls for It.
  • Affordable Pricing

Pricing and Affordability

If you noticed my last bullet point above, you probably were intrigued at the fact that a device that’s stylish and extremely useful could be considered affordable. The good news is that I was 100% serious about the affordability.

The Great Call currently only cost a one-time fee of 49.99 for the device itself. It’s clearly geared to help provide relief to individuals in the senior market that are often working on a very limited budget.

The only downfall is that it currently requires a 14.99 per month fee for the monitoring. This is crucial, however. The 14.99 fee Is what allows the live time connection to help by simply pressing the button or by activating the device if a fall does occur.

Think of this fee in the same fashion as you would think of the fees associated with home security monitoring.

Sure, you can simply buy the cameras for your home to be protected but nearly 100% of the time you also have a monthly fee that allows your home security to connect to the police in case of a break in or intruder.

It’s the exact same logic that’s being set in motion with the Great Call medical alert device.

Putting It All Together, A Great Call Medical Alert Device is A Great Way to Achieve Peace of Mind

While plenty of other senior assistive devices are currently being offered on the open market in today’s world, there are some that are just absolute must-haves to achieve peace of mind and to know that help is on the way  during the worst situations or the ever so common falling injuries that occur in the senior demographics all too often.

Be sure to provide your feedback on this topic as well. Do you recommend the Great Call Medical Alert Device? Why or why not? Share your stories and drop a comment below.

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