What Is A Lamp Magnifier? [The Benefits and Features]


With all the new devices and low vision aids on the market today, it’s important to understand the differences and benefits of each device. The goal is always to find the best fit for your specific needs. Some individuals may suffer from conditions such as Macular Degeneration, and some others may suffer from eye conditions such as glaucoma. Each situation presents unique challenges for the individual.

Depending on which condition you may have or the severity of your low vision problems, you may be in search for a low vision device to begin helping you with your everyday task. One of the questions I see pop up frequently is about some of the newer magnification vision aids on the market. What is a magnifying lamp? As someone who spends a lot of time with these magnification tools, here is what I can tell you.

So, what is a magnifying lamp? A magnifying lamp is designed to aid with low vision issues using fluorescent, halogen or LED lighting. These lighting features are placed around the glass frame used for viewing. Additionally, halogen lamps will help produce a warmer glow which can also reduce eye strain and increase overall clarity and crispness for the objects you are viewing.

That’s the basics of a magnifying lamp, but that’s not all there is to tell about these devices. We also need to pay attention to the overall cost of these devices and what other features they include before deciding if these are the right tools for us. Let’s dive into some of the other details.

Overview of Magnifying Lamps and Benefits

Anytime you use a magnification tool to help with low vision problems it’s essential to consider the right features and benefits to get the job efficiently. One of those benefits and features that needs to be discussed will always be lighting considerations.

Lighting conditions at your home or even in the office at work are never going to be perfect and can frequently present challenges for individuals with low vision issues. This can lead to more eye strain over time. With lamp magnifiers, one of the significant benefits is the built-in lights around the lens frame.

This increases visibility significantly and dramatically reduces overall eye strain. Lamp magnifiers also can be used to help with many hobbies and crafts. Also, even mechanics and jewelers could make great use out of these devices. Use them in the home office or even in your workshop. The options are endless.

Sizing with Magnifying Lamps

A significant benefit of map magnifiers is the compact size. Wherever you decide to place your lamp magnifier, it’s not going to consume much of your working area. This saves plenty of space on your office desk or even your workbench.

Also, the gooseneck that lamp magnifiers come equipped with is also going to allow for easy maneuvering and flexibility to enhance whatever it is you may be doing or to help with whatever task you need to be completed. Depending on where you choose to use your magnifier, you can also opt to use a flip down cover which can aid in keeping the lens free of dirt, dust, and debris. This is especially handy when being used in a shop or workbench type scenario.

Most lamp magnifiers are going to range from roughly 1.5 pounds to 2.5 pounds which is going to help with overall ability to transport or change locations with ease.

Power Sourcing Options with Lamp Magnifiers

Anyone else tired of only depending on batteries to get the job done? I am as well. One of the benefits I like about the lamp magnifiers and stand magnifiers, in general, is the ability that they have to connect to a primary wall outlet or power source. This eliminates the fear or running out of juice or being left empty-handed.

Other Specifications of Lamp Magnifiers

Lamp magnifiers are typically going to come with 800-lumen bulbs that are either LED or halogen. They are replaceable and don’t require more than 2 minutes to swap out if necessary. This is equivalent to about a 60-watt lightbulb, so you are looking at some strong lighting and visibility. Also, most reputable brands will come backed with an excellent 90-day or lifetime warranty.

A nice feature to build into a purchase.

Overall Pricing for Lamp Magnifiers

Pricing for Lamp Magnifiers is going to vary a bit, but for the most part, they are going to remain in a very affordable range. Depending on the exact model and specifications that you are looking for, you could be looking at anywhere from about 25.00-100.00 dollars.

Often times when you start looking at the models closer to the top of that price point, you will find lamp magnifiers that also included diopter lenses. Diopter is merely referring to the curvature within the lens. The more curvature a lens has, the thicker the lens and as the magnification levels rise, the diopter number will also increase.

Most of these lamp magnifiers can range anywhere from a 3x magnification level up to a 20x with some models.

How to Use a Lamp Magnifier?

When using a lamp magnifier, you will be able to provide yourself the reduced eye strain, and improved vision completely hands-free. With these magnifiers, you will typically use both eyes when looking through the lenses. The same fashion that you would use if you were using just a regular old pair of prescription eyeglasses.

If the lens is positioning to keep your object or task in focus and you remain roughly 8-10 inches away from the glass, you will have a crystal-clear view without worrying about distortion.

If you really want to maximize results, you can adjust your chair to be in a resting position that allows you to maintain a good posture where you lean comfortably into your lens to increase your visibility and remain comfortable through the process.

Putting It All Together, Lamp Magnifiers Make for A Great Low Vision Aid

At the end of the day, a lamp magnifier is another tool and low vision aid that should be considered among many others. Depending on the task you are trying to complete, it’s essential always to consider all your options. Sometimes a handheld magnifier or even a stand magnifier can get the job done without an issue.

You can always speak to a professional to determine your actual magnification needs and then weigh your options based on usability and the task you are looking to complete. Get back to enjoying everyday life again and be sure to consider a lamp magnifier as one of your trusted low vision aids.

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