What Is A Commode Chair? [A Brief Overview and Explanation]

Sometimes we are suffering from an illness or injury that has caused either temporary or permanent disability. In some instances, it’s not even us that’s currently dealing with this disability but someone that we love. If this is the case, you are likely trying to find answers and any good avenue you can take to help this individual restore some of the quality of life. A question I see individuals often asking is simple. What is a commode chair? Here is what I can tell you on this subject.

So, what is a commode chair? A commode chair is a chair specifically designed to help aid someone that currently has an injury, illness or disability use the toilet. In some circumstances, the commode chair will include wheels that allow for smoother transport to the restroom or shower. Commode chairs come equipped with a removable pail in addition to armrest that can pivot forward and back.

Now that you understand what a commode chair is and how it functions, how do you know when’s it’s the correct assisted living device for the individual you trying to help? How do you know if it’s the right device for you?

Here is some further information on the topic.

An Overview of Commode Chairs and How They Can Assist

Struggling with mobility is no fun. In most situations, you are looking for a universal and comfortable way to regain mobility for everyday living activities and task.

One of the biggest challenge’s seniors can encounter is maintaining the ability to complete everyday functions such as the ability to get to and from the restroom or other various locations in the home without needing assistance.

The commode chair is often an easy option to help seniors remain in their home while maintaining mobility.

Using the Restroom with A Commode Chair

Let’s assume that you or the person you are inquiring about this information for already has a caregiver at the home. One of the biggest problems that individuals have with limited mobility is the need to use the restroom or complete task that would be beneficial to be kept private or discreet. In addition, using the restroom on our own helps keep a sense of pride alive.

Constantly asking a caregiver to help you use the restroom is something seniors are often hesitant to ask for assistance with regardless of if they truly need to use the restroom or not.

In fact, some seniors will ever wait for the caregiver to check on them or ask them if they need to the restroom before they would ever request the assistance.

This may come down to pride and embarrassment but nonetheless, if we as individuals can avoid needing to ask a caregiver for assistance with small private everyday activities, we can maintain some self of pride and complete task more discreetly.

This is when a commode chair can come in and assist. Some models of commode chairs are going to feature adjustable heights and can typically be installed or be resting right near a bed or in some situations, may still be in a restroom. It depends on the individual and how severe the mobility issues currently are.

When you use the chairs installed directly over the toilet, you eliminate the need to use something such as a fixed toilet booster or another assistive device.

However, it’s likely that the commode chair is near a bed to make the transfer more ideal for the caregiver because most seniors will not have the ability to lift themselves onto the commode chair nor have the strength required to do so.

Commode Chairs Can Offer Safe Mobility for Seniors

Falls account for the most common injuries among seniors. Other assistive devices are commonly used such as support bars and chair risers but a commode chair can create a safe and comfortable way for seniors to use the restroom with very limited help from anyone else. In fact, helping a senior use a commode chair is fairly easy. The link provided will take you to our post that breaks down some common tips and best practices to implement when using commode chairs.

These range from cleaning the commode pan up to some helpful information about what supplies are needed to use a commode chair effectively.

Commode Chairs Are Relatively Cheap

Another positive is that commode chairs are relatively cheap assistive devices. They are fairly simple devices and if you are trying to locate one on a budget, you can typically find a commode chair for around 50.00 or less. Of course, some more expensive models to exist but they are not necessary. Living on retirement income is tough. No need to break the bank for a super fancy commode chair.

Final Word. Commode Chairs Have Been Around For A Long Time and Continue To Assist With Mobility Issues

Commode chairs are likely going to be a great piece of equipment to use to help a senior, loved one, or anyone struggling with mobility issues. Using the restroom is something we can’t avoid so finding a commode chair that can fit your needs and budget may be the next step you should plan on taking.

Plenty of other assistive devices are on the market currently to help render aid in these situations but it’s unlikely that you know someone with extreme mobility issues that can’t benefit from one of these devices.

What’s your take on commode chairs? Are they easy to use and is there a particular chair you recommend? Be sure to drop a comment below!

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