What Is A Buttoning Aid Hook? [Details and Overview]

what is a button aid hook
What Is A Button Aid Hook? How Do They Work?

As we age, we begin to lose some of the luxuries in life that we may have once taken for granted. It’s not that we intend things to go this direction. However, as we get older, some of the tasks we use to perform with ease is no longer as simple to complete as they used to be. We deal with problems such as arthritis, motor function and begin to lose our physical abilities to complete simple everyday living activities.

One thing that we can be thankful for, however, is the fact that we live in an extremely innovative world where people genuinely care about making a positive impact on individuals lives for the better. This is when Senior Assistive Devices can come into play. While button aid hooks are a significant upgrade with helping seniors and other individuals with disabilities maintain independence and a sense of pride, it doesn’t come up without questions and often some confusion.

Buttoning aid hooks fall into this class of senior assistive devices. Additionally, individuals are also often confused at the simplistic approach you can take to use this tool to help aid you with getting dressed. What is a buttoning hook? With several years working with senior assistive devices, here is what I can tell you on this subject.

So, what is a buttoning aid hook? A buttoning aid hook is an assistive device designed for seniors or for individuals struggling with dexterity or pain completing the task with their hands. It can be used one-handed and functions as a grab, loop and pull technique to pull your buttons through their slots on your shirt, pants or coat with ease.

If that sounded a bit too easy or too good to be true, it’s because it is truly that simple to use a buttoning aid hook. In this post, I’ll give you more details about the buttoning aid hook and what steps you should take to consider purchasing one.

Stick around for a few minutes, and we will have you prepared to use a new device to help you with everyday living and give you back your sense of independence and pride.

More About Buttoning Aid Hooks and Their Simplicity of Use

Like we stated previously, a buttoning aid hook is straightforward to use. It’s a middle length hook style bar that smoothly slips through the opening on your shirts or pants button opening. It’s beneficial for an individual who experiences pain in their hands, or that has dexterity issues or severe arthritis.

You see, these issues such as severe arthritis can make something as simple as buttoning your own shirt too painful to complete without the aid of another individual or a perfect tool such as the buttoning aid hooks.

The Construction of the Button Aid Hook

Button aid hooks are manufactured using acrylic material. The primary purpose for this is the simplicity of cleaning the hook when necessary, and it’s also an extremely durable material. It would be out of the ordinary that you would need to purchase multiple buttoning aid hooks due to breaking or damage.

The only likelihood that would cause this to occur would be an event such as misplacing your device. Buttoning aid hooks are also designed to be held with comfort and often offer comfortable rubber grips or pads. This is perfect considering the primary goal they are set out to accomplish.

Alleviating pain while completing a simple everyday task.  Buttoning aid hooks will typically be offered in ¾ inch diameter and are always designed to be used one-handed.

How to Use Your Buttoning Aid Hook Like A Professional

Again, button hooks are a huge relief for individuals experiencing pain or troubles with fine motor skills. They can be used for pants, shirt, blouses or suit coats or even winter coats. To use them, you will simply hold the button aid hook with your dominant hand.

You will take the hook side of the button aid hook and slide it through the button opening on whichever article of clothing you are attempting to wear. After doing so, you will use your non-dominant hand to slide the shirt ever slightly towards each other in the middle (or pants/coat/blouse).

In most circumstances, you won’t need to use the other hand at all, but a slight amount of guidance and additional help will make the process even faster in case you are in a hurry. Once the button aid hook is through the opening, you can latch onto the button with the hook. Simply pull backward using a lateral movement to place the button through the opening.

After doing so, you’re done. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. All that’s left to complete following this step is to simply wiggle the hook off the button and repeat the process for all the remaining buttons on the article of clothing you are attempting to wear.

How Much Do Button Aid Hooks Cost

This is another beautiful part of purchasing a button aid hook to help you with your everyday task. They are extremely affordable. Especially when you compare them against other senior assistive devices such as commodes, shower chairs or even bath lifts.

I understand these are all in a completely different class of senior assistive devices, but they all set out to accomplish the same goal.

Making your life that much easier. Button aid hooks are going to run you between 15.00 and 30.00 with the most common price point falling right around the 20.00 mark. Certainly, an affordable tool to have around the home to help aid you and alleviate some of the pain you experience currently while getting dressed.

Final Word, Button Hooks Can Improve and Make Your Life More Efficient and Pain-Free

If you haven’t considered a button aid hook up to this point, it’s time to start pondering the purchase. It’s a simple to use, budget-friendly tool that can make a simple task like getting dressed pain-free and easy to complete on your own again.

As we age, this is often all we are looking for. Independence, less pain and the chance to enjoy everyday life without relying and depending on others for assistance.

What’re your thoughts on button aid hooks? Have you used them in the past or currently own one? Do you have any specific models you recommend? Be sure to share your stories and comments below.

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