What is a 3 in 1 Commode Chair [Versatility and A Great Option]


When we search for great options to assist seniors with mobility struggles and maintaining some independence within their lives, we are often looking for approaches that can serve us in several ways. The more bang for our buck that we can get the better. It makes sense when we are trying to make the best out of a limited budget. Seniors are often strapped on disposable income, and things can feel tough. A question that arises is concerning a commode chair and how you can really get more for your money. What is a 3 in 1 commode chair? Here is what I can tell you on this topic.

So, what is a 3 in 1 commode chair? A 3 in 1 commode chair is a commode chair that serves as your basic bedside commode as well as a more comfortable commode seating for your standard toilet. Additionally, a 3 in 1 commode chair can serve as a shower chair. 3 in 1 commode chairs often come with more extended armrest, support more weight and can benefit you in multiple ways.

I wanted to take the time here today to break down how a 3 in 1 commode chair can really make a big difference in your life, mobility and restore some independence. 3 in 1 commode chairs are a must consider option so let’s begin discussing the advantages you can enjoy if you decide to purchase one.

More on 3 in 1 Commode Chairs. The Distinct Advantages

Like I stated before, your 3 in 1 commode chair is going to serve as your bedside commode. This is due to including a pail for beneath the seat. All standard commodes will consist of this same pail for beneath the seat. Additionally, your commode is going to work for your normal toilet seat or toilet seat riser.

For your normal toilet seat, a 3 in 1 commode is going to create a more comfortable seating spot, include arm pads and have an adjustable height. This by itself makes the 3 in 1 commode more versatile and can greatly help individuals who suffer from significant mobility issues or minor mobility issues.

Lastly, your 3 in 1 commode is going to also serve as a durable and reliable shower chair. This is when the adjustable height of a 3 in 1 commode chairs will come in handy. In most circumstances, none of these individual purchases will necessarily break the bank but to have the ability to get all three uses from one assistive device is hugely beneficial.

Especially for the senior, that’s currently on a limited budget.

Who Do 3-1 Commodes Help the Most?

3 in 1 commodes are especially useful for a select set of individuals. First and foremost, we know that anyone with severe mobility issues will a great use out of a 3-1 in commode chair. Additionally, this form of a commode can be fantastic for individuals with dementia or even individuals who are visually impaired.

The main idea behind these commode chairs is to eliminate slips, falls and other accidents. These forms of falls are the leading cause of death in seniors. This is a safe, clean and versatile solution to help solve these issues.

Additional Benefits of 3 in 1 Commode Chairs and the Construction Behind Them

Another substantial benefit of 3 in 1 commode chairs comes down to their steel grade construction and frames while remaining lightweight. You can enjoy the benefits of a durable and reliable assistive device, but it’s still entirely possible to move your commode for travel or storage purposes with ease.

In addition, the padded backrest, armrest, and rails create for extreme comfort whether you are using your commode chair as a toilet rise, a bedside toilet or even a shower chair.

Lastly, going back to the adjustable height that 3 in 1 commode chairs feature makes them extremely versatile and useable for all individuals. It’s hard to find any negatives with 3 in1 commode chairs to be completely honest with you.

What’s the Average Price of a 3-1 in Commode Chair?

This is the beautiful part of 3 in 1 in commode chair. For the additional benefits that you receive, you really aren’t looking at spending any extra money compared to other options in the assistive devices for seniors’ market.

A good 3 in 1 in commode chair that will again, serve as a bedside commode, toilet riser or shower chair is going to cost you around the 100.00 mark depending on what you select and where you decide to look.

If you ask me, this isn’t bad at all and worth the money. A normal commode chair will run you around 30-40.00 dollars, and a standard or high-end shower chair can easily cost 50.00 dollars or more. If you can get all three uses out of 1 device for the same price and have a more reliable product, why not do it?

Will Medicare Help Cover the Cost of These 3-1 in Commode Chairs?

No, unfortunately, Medicare isn’t going to help you purchase this item. Medicare does not believe these are medically necessary and for that reason alone, you will have to purchase a 3 in 1 in commode chair entirely out of pocket.

It’s unfortunate, but at the same time, if you can find a great value, it’s still completely worth the money spent.

Any Additional Information to Know about 3-1 Commode Chairs?

Yes, 3 in 1 in commode chairs are just like any commode chair or shower chair. You still need to be sure to keep them clean. Usually once a month you will want to clean a 3 in 1 in commode chair if its primary purpose is for a shower chair and if it’s used as a toilet, you will obviously need to clean it after each use.

Final Word, Consider a 3-1 Commode Chair for Versatility and More Bang for Your Buck

If you are looking for a device that can truly serve many functions, a 3 in 1 commode chair is the right choice for you. For the money spent, the uses and aid that they can provide are unmatched. Don’t let dementia, limited vision problems or limited mobility destroy the quality of your life.

Consider a 3 in 1 in commode chair to take back some independence and save some additional money.

What’re your thoughts on 3-1 in commode chairs? Any recommendations for the readers? Be sure to drop a comment below.

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