What Are TV Screen Magnifiers? [A Quick-Detailed Summary]


Watching television is one of the most performed daily activities across the world. It’s been like that for a long time and probably won’t change anytime soon. Unfortunately, when low vision problems strike, losing the ability to watch television is one area that can impact and affect the overall quality of life.

Ideally, the goal is to relieve low vision problems and bring back enjoyment with a task/hobby such as watching television. We already know that plenty of magnification tools are on the market. We have everything from handheld magnifiers to telescopic lenses we can use for driving. It’s all part of the low-vision aid market. I have seen some concerns and questions recently. What is a tv screen magnifier? After plenty of time around the industry, here is what I can tell you.

So, what is a TV screen magnifier? TV screen magnifiers can also be referred to as television screen enlargers. In most circumstances, they will be constructed out of acrylic, and the tv screen magnifier is designed to enhance, remove distortion, make the image clearer and reduce overall eye strain for individuals with low vision.

You have other options as well if you suffer from low vision problems. There are other avenues and methods you can use to help restore some fun back into watching television and fight back against low vision problems. Let’s look at all the possibilities you can consider that can get you to enjoy watching tv again.

Television and Low Vision

The most important thing to understand about low vision and watching television is that you don’t always have to spring for the newest magnifier. Some individuals find great eye relief with other simple methods such as the following.

•    Sitting Closer to The Television

•    Purchasing A Larger Television

•    Purchasing a Television with Higher Quality Picture

If these aren’t options for you or don’t fit the budget, then looking for magnification devices is the next most logical step in the process. If this is the case, we can start looking at tv screen enlargers or magnifiers.

TV Screen Enlargers and How They Work

TV screen enlargers do exactly what they sound like they will do. They act much like the computer monitor magnifiers that we have mentioned in a previous blog post. You can see our article about computer screen magnifiers here. They take your original television display and enlarge the picture. If your visually impaired, these can be a considerable boost toward enjoying television again.

When you place the enlarger/magnifier in front of the original television screen, it’s going to provide a broader, crisper picture. The actual enlargement that you can accomplish depends heavily on the distance you are working with. The closer you are to the television, the greater the magnification will be.

Assembly and Usability of TV Screen Magnifiers

TV screen magnifiers are put together in minutes, and they are freestanding. You do however need to make sure you purchase a magnifier that makes sense for the measurements of your television you currently have.

Televisions are measured diagonally so if you have a 27-inch television you are wishing to magnify, you will want to make sure that your new magnifier is at least this size measured diagonally to ensure it’s going to perform or work properly.

Are TV Screen Magnifiers the Best Option?

Not necessarily but they are still a great option. Some individuals complain of other issues with some television magnifiers such as the display having a blue tint and the fact that the magnifier itself is not very physically appealing or looks bulky when it’s in use.

Of course, suffering from low vision is not ideal and, in some situations, you must take some of the negatives with a grain of salt if it can help restore relief with activities that you once enjoyed.

Other Options You Could Consider for Television Use with Low Vision

You could also consider other options if you have done your research and realize that that the television screen magnifier isn’t the best approach for you. One of the favorite methods I like to mention and bring up is using something as simple as television eyeglasses such as MAX TV glasses.

The purpose behind these glasses is to Magnify the screen, remain entirely hands-free and provide binocular, telescopic capabilities. All this simply means is that they offer long distance eye-relief and are also capable or granting magnification powers up to 3x magnification.

With many of these glasses you can purchase, you can even change the focus or each individual eye. For a full scope detail on how these glasses work, you can stop my post here.

It will cover the options for these glasses in depth and break them down in a manner that makes it easy to distinguish the pros and cons of using a low vision device such as these glasses or a tv screen magnifier.

What Should You Do Next?

Before ever purchasing one device or the other, we always recommend you find out precisely what magnification power you need and really think about what task you are trying to complete.

If you need relief with reading, you will want a magnification tool that specialized in reading. If you need help with magnification for electronic use, then find out what size television you are trying to magnify and if 2-3x magnification powers will be enough to bring enjoyment back into watching tv.

Putting It All Together, Low Vision Devices Come in Many Forms

At the end of the day, all that matters are that you have the tools and low vision devices that can help get you back to enjoying life again. So many tools are available to consumers that it’s impossible for someone just beginning this journey to know what option may be the best for them.

Consider multiple devices for various task and look for quality products that aren’t only budget friendly but come back with strong reviews and warranties. It may take some trial and error in the beginning to find the perfect match for each task you do routinely, but I feel confident that eventually we can get you using the absolute best low vision device possible and get the quality of life restored for you.

What’re your thoughts on television screen magnifiers? Are they worth it? What’s the best magnifier you have used? Be sure to leave a comment below.

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