What Are Shower Chairs Used For [Uses and Applications]

Many everyday tasks that seniors are faced with can pose unique dangers and safety hazards. Falling and causing injuries such as bone fractures is extremely common among seniors and it’s been this way for decades. Because of this, senior assistive devices have been trying to solve as many of these problems as possible. Shower chairs fall into this category. However, with showers chairs often comes several questions. What are shower chairs used for? Here’s what I can tell you about this topic.

So, what are shower chairs used for? Shower chairs are considered portable chairs. It is possible that a shower chair is permanently fixed within the shower as well. Shower chairs are specifically designed to resist water danger. Additionally, shower chairs are designed to dry quickly and are very easy to clean. Most shower chairs will be constructed with rubber feet, aluminum legs and some form of a durable and stable plastic seat designed for comfort while individuals with mobility issues bath themselves.

This is how nearly all shower chairs are constructed but you do have various forms of shower chairs. Some better than others and some shower chairs that are designed for more specific uses and aid. The goal of this post to give you an overview of shower chairs and how they are commonly used.

An In-Depth Look at Shower Chairs

To re-emphasize, shower chairs are designed completely for use inside of the shower and to fight off any water-related damage. Of course, it is possible that after a long period of use that you may need to purchase a new shower chair but for the most part, they should be well worth the money and serve their purpose for extended periods of time.

You will commonly find shower chairs used in various locations and for a range of individuals who have problems maintaining stability and balance on their feet. The primary purpose is to provide this stability and to make showering for seniors safe and possible again.

Common locations that shower chairs may be used preveniently include nursing homes, assisted living centers and inside of any regular home shower. Shower chairs common trait and primary purpose are to add comfort and safety to seniors while taking a shower and maintaining proper hygiene.

Some individuals even use shower chairs to help aid with various forms of shower therapy.

Now that we have a basic understanding of how shower chairs work, what different options do you have or what forms of shower chairs are currently being offered to seniors?

The 5 Kinds of Shower Chairs

Rolling Shower Chairs- Rolling shower chairs will have wheels attached to the bottom of the chair. They will also feature locking mechanisms that will allow you to fix the shower chair into one spot without the risk of it sliding or moving out beneath the individual before use.

These shower chairs also typically offer a flip-up seat and some can even double serve as a commode if need be.

Folding Stool Shower Chair- The folding stool shower chair is usually the best option for people with extremely limited use of mobility and has permanent balance issues. The shower chairs fold next to the wall when not in use and unfold into a comfortable seating position when it is ready for use.

You will commonly see these shower chairs used in hospitals and other various locations, but the primary purpose includes the ability to be seated while showering but not require any handrails or bars for use.

Fold Down Shower Chair-Fold down shower chairs are going to provide perhaps the most support compared to the other options on this list. These shower chairs are fully mounted inside of the shower and come equipped with handlebars, back supports and additional shower supports built into the shower itself.

Transfer Bench Shower Chair-The transfer bench shower chair is commonly used for individuals who have issues with only the action of getting in and out of the shower.

They are longer than a typical shower chair and have double legs that will be placed inside the shower or tub while the other two legs remain resting on the floor on the outside of the shower.

This allows the individual to easily transfer themselves into the shower or tub, complete their shower and cleaning and exit the shower or tub much easier.

Standing Shower Chair- The standing shower chair can be offered with or without the back and is equipped with 4 legs. This shower chair resembles a normal chair more than any other shower chair on this list. The standing shower chairs also offer handgrips to assist with standing up or sitting down.

Depending on your individual needs or mobility struggles, you can purchase standing shower chairs with or without a back attached to it.

Putting It All Together, Plenty of Options Offer Several Ways to Gain Privacy and Comfort

Clearly, you have several options when choosing a shower chair for your needs or someone you love. They all offer unique strengths and weaknesses. It’s important in these situations to find a shower chair that can serve you best and allow you to shower in comfort and without the risk of injury.

Nonetheless, if you are someone who is struggling with mobility issues or you know someone currently going through this battle, a shower chair is one of the home remedy pieces of equipment that can surely bring some quality back into life and allow for comfortable and proper hygiene.

What’s your take on shower chairs? Which option out of the 5 do you believe is the best pick? Be sure to drop a comment below!

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