What Are Sensory Socks? [A Break Down and Benefits]


What Are Sensory Body Socks and How Can They Help Individuals With Sensory Problems?

Some children struggle with different aspects and sensory processing disorders. Over the years, several products have been released and offered to these individuals and their families in hopes that some benefits would be accomplished and that our children would have an easier time with sensory processing. One of these products currently available is known as a sensory sock. On this topic, most individuals have a wide range of questions. However, I wanted to start with the basics. What is a sensory sock? Here is what I can tell you on this topic.

So, what is a sensory sock and how does it work? A sensory sock is a full body enclosed sock that’s designed to provide proprioceptive and deep pressure using a fabric that fully encloses the entire body. The head remains open, and the whole premise of these body socks is to help aid children with sensory function disorders.

Body socks can be used for many other activities as well. In this post, I wanted to cover some general uses of the sensory body socks and give you the baseline knowledge needed to understand if the body sock is something that may or may not benefit your own children. Let’s start diving into those details now.

More About the Body Sock and How It Works

Like we covered previously, body socks are designed to aid with sensory regulation. It can help children struggling with sensory issues to maintain calm while learning the skill of discovering your own body awareness.

This refers to understanding where your body is in space. It allows children with sensory difficulties to minimize their visual input which is especially helpful in a situation where the environment can be overwhelming or over stimulating.

At one point, body socks were primarily used to help aid children struggling with Autism, but since the evolution of the body sock, their purpose has become much broader and are used for individuals with a range of sensory difficulties and challenges.

Additional benefits of body socks can include the lightweight traits and the ease of use not only when it is being physically worn but body socks can be easily transported with you anywhere you go. This makes traveling and other activities much more comfortable and easy to complete.

Who Offers Body Socks and How Do I Get One for My Child?

Body socks have become popular in recent years. Currently, you can find body socks on most online marketplaces such as Amazon. Additionally, body socks are now being referred to and going by other names such as sensory socks, sensory sacks, and body pods.

It’s even easy to make your body sock with the right directions and a good supply of lycra fabrics and of course a sewing machine. An often overlooked and underestimated feature of the body socks is all the practical uses your children can gain from them. The activities you can use body socks for are virtually endless.

Many individuals get tunnel vision and picture body socks only being useful in situations where your children are struggling with sensory issues. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and sensory socks can be used to enjoy many great benefits for individuals struggling with a ride range of sensory or processing disorders. Let’s briefly touch on some of those now.

Benefits of Sensory Socks and Practical Uses

While some of these may not necessarily be practical uses, they are certainly still activities or uses that parents use for their children to gain the most benefit from their sensory socks.

Simple Movement Mixed with Play Time Is Always A Good Time

This activity can become whatever you prefer it to become. Let your imagination run wild. You can interact with your kids and have them play on all fours in their sensory sock or let them play other fun games like hopscotch or doing jumping jacks to get the most optimal benefits from wearing the sock and learning their environment.

At the end of the day, you can create whatever fun activity you prefer in this situation if movement and fun are involved.

Reading While Wearing the Body Sock

I love the idea of this to help our kids enjoy reading while gaining the benefits of new awareness and sensory input. Create a reading-friendly environment for your kids and allow your imaginations to take over.

Create a reading tent or a corner in their room where they can get comfortable and have fun with the idea of relaxing with a book in hand.

Without going into detail on every one of these options and benefits of the sensory socks, I wanted just to create a quick list below of other great uses you could gain from your sensory socks.

Here’s a look at some additional benefits and options you can use your sensory socks for.

  • Pretend and Make-Believe Games


  • Learning Games Such as Your ABC’s


  • Enhancing Fine Motor Skills

What Should You Do Next If You Are Considering a Sensory Sock?

If you have a child that struggles with sensory problems and you have done diligent research on the benefits sensory socks can provide, we recommend starting the shopping process to find the ideal sensory sock for your children.

Like we stated previously, plenty of online marketplaces offer sensory socks for affordable prices such as Amazon and many others. Look for a sensory sock that offers positive reviews and tests one out. Once you receive it, try some of the unique uses and methods we discussed previously to get you started.

Final Word, Sensory Socks Can Be Offer Many Benefits for An Affordable Price

Sensory socks provide many unique benefits to individuals who currently struggle with sensory issues among other health and behavior disorders such as Autism. The benefits have been praised by many individuals not only on individuals sets of sensory of socks but other medical professionals around the world.

Giving sensory socks a fair shot at helping or providing your kids or grandkids relief with a problem they are struggling with currently is a top priority. I’d also enjoy hearing about your experience with sensory socks.

What’re your thoughts on sensory socks? What unique ways do you implement the uses of sensory socks? How did it work for you? Be sure to share your stories and drop a comment below.

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