What Are Portable Electronic Magnifiers? [A Breakdown and Overview]


Many low vision devices are currently available to consumers. The options are nearly endless. Sometimes even knowing which magnifiers will serve you best and assist you in restoring the quality of everyday life can be a daunting task. I get it. It’s a ton of information and options to choose from, and it’s not getting any easier to understand the differences in recent years. One of the newer devices I wanted to touch comes up frequently, so I wanted to touch on that for a moment. What are portable electronic magnifiers? As someone who works in this industry and after some diligent research, here is what I can tell you.

So, what are portable electronic magnifiers? Portable electronic magnifiers are electronic devices that almost resemble an electronic device such as IPAD or Tablet. They are designed to be used by holding the device in front of the reading materials or other material that you need to be magnified to see with more clarity. When you hold the device in front of these portable electronic magnifiers, the magnified visual will be displayed back to you on an LED screen.

Although the answer provided above is the basics and most of what you need to know, you do have a few other facts about portable electronic magnifiers that would be good to know.

I wanted to take the time here today in this post to cover these more in depth, so you have a clear understanding of what these devices are, how they can help and what you should be looking for.

Let’s dive into the details about these devices.

More on Portable Electronic Magnifiers and The Options

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that portable electronic magnifier devices come in many shapes and sizes and for different uses. The actual task and low vision problem you are currently battling will determine which device is ultimately going to work the best for you.

Some of these devices use a camera system that can help to display a magnified image on a monitor for you which can be extremely helpful with a various task such as the following but not limited to the following.

  • Reading Magazines
  • Reading Books
  • Reading Newspapers
  • Applying Makeup
  • Performing a Manicure
  • Working on Task in A Workshop

Some of these devices operate in the manner I just explained, and some of these are a smaller handheld version of the magnifiers. These devices can come in a broad range of magnification levels. If you are unfamiliar with how magnification levels work in low vision devices, refer to our post here.

It will break down everything you need to know about magnification levels, how it works and what to look for with these various devices.

More on The Handheld Portable Magnifiers

Let’s talk about the portable handheld electronic magnifiers for a bit longer. The point of these is to deliver the same value to you but allow you to use the device on the go or wherever you may need to have them handy.

An example of this could be bringing your magnifier with you to a restaurant to help you view the food menu or even to take with you to the supermarket to help aid in seeing price tags and nutritional labels if need be. Sometimes also seeing your own grocery or recipe list could be a task you need some further assistance with.

Lastly, portable handheld electronic magnifiers can be another great tool that you can bring with you to the workplace to help assist you with an everyday task that you are faced with on a daily basis throughout your working day or work (shift).

Other Versions of Portable Electronic Magnifiers

In addition to the options we have already discussed, you have other options for these magnifiers as well. A Desktop magnifier is a version of these electronic magnifiers as well. If you haven’t seen our post about opportunities to help aid you if you suffer from low vision and need an aid to help you with a computer-related task, be sure to see that here for further information.

Now Comes the CCTV Magnifier

The CCTV Magnifiers offer many benefits such as using high magnification to let you sit a comfortable distance away from the screen or monitor you are trying to view. Also, it’s one of the very few magnifiers that allows you to use both eyes at the same time even while using very magnification levels.

Lastly, it allows you to read much faster which reduced eye strain and fatigue involved. If you can read faster and see more clearly, you can typically understand the material much more clearly. These magnifiers also offer a wide field of view compared to other magnifiers.

Any Downfalls to Portable Electronic Magnifiers?

The biggest downfall you have to these magnifiers is the cost involved. This form of low vision devices typically carries a higher price tag compared to other magnifier options such as a handheld magnifier, stand magnifiers or even lamp magnifiers.

Keeping that in mind, they also offer some extremely comfortable use and are one of the more advanced options of magnifiers on the market that you can currently purchase. Lastly, they are one of the devices that offer the highest magnification levels available while maintaining the ability to use both eyes on the viewing area.

A benefit not to overlook if you are currently battling low vision and need to find a device to restore you back to enjoying everyday hobbies, task and just good old things that need to get done on a typical day around the home.

What Do We Recommend You Do Next?

At this point in the search, if you are thinking you want one of these portable electronic magnifiers, we recommend finding out which magnification level you need and potentially speak to a professional to make sure it’s a device that can truly help you and restore your ability to complete all the task that we have discussed here in this post today.

Putting It All Together, In A World Full of Options, Portable Electronic Magnifiers Are Another Great Pick

Like we stated at the beginning of this post, you have tons of options available to you, and it can seem overwhelming to understand which option the best may be. We get it, and we are here to help at The Senior Spot. Find a device that can truly bring back your ability to see again and get back to enjoying life.

What’re your thoughts on portable electronic magnifiers? Do you have any that you recommend to all the readers? Be sure to drop a comment below.


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