What Are Long Reach Comfort Wipes? [Uses and Benefits]

what are long reach comfort wipes
What Are Long Reach Comfort Wipes? Uses and Benefits Detailed Below!

Struggling with everyday living activities due to limited mobility or dexterity issues can be very troublesome for many individuals in life. It’s unfortunate and will continue to be an ongoing problem. Fortunately, as time goes by, more and more options continue to be introduced to individuals who struggle with mobility issues, hygiene issues and even the ability to properly care for themselves using the restroom.

One of those devices or aids is known as long reach comfort wipes. Many individuals when they are first informed about this new option for individuals struggling with dexterity and limited mobility have several questions. What are long reach comfort wipes? Here is what I know on this topic and would like to share with you.

So, what are long reach comfort wipes? Long reach comfort wipes are specifically designed to aid individuals with mobility and dexterity problems caused by various reasons such as injuries, disabilities or common effects of old age. Long reach comfort wipes allow for more extended reach with soft, flexible heads designed to enable you to reach areas on your body where you couldn’t usually reach prior.

This is clearly a great assistive device for a wide variety of individuals so I wanted to take the time to cover some of the aspects of the long reach comfort wipes, how they could provide aid for you and other specifications and considerations you should make when purchasing long reach comfort wipes.

More About Long Reach Comfort Wipes and How They Work

Like I stated before, long reach comfort wipes are designed to help aid a wide variety of individuals with varying levels of mobility and dexterity issues. Long reach comfort wipes can be ideal for individuals who are older in age who are struggling with severe pain such as arthritis or other problems.

Additionally, long reach comfort wipes could be used for younger individuals who have experienced significant traumatic injuries that can remove your mobility such as back and spine injuries or even involved and invasive surgeries such as spine surgery, knee surgery or any other surgery that will remove a lot of your ability to freely move without the assistance of others.

These long reach comfort wipes allow for these individuals to still freely take care of themselves and reach tricky spots where hygiene may be lacking. Additionally, the long reach comfort wipes should enable you to have back some pride and independence in life.

How Are Long Reach Comfort Wipes Designed or Constructed?

Long reach comfort wipes are typically designed out of ABS plastic and feature grips for comfort. The grips are usually made of some form of sure-grip technology, and the long reach comfort arms will extend up to 15 inches.

The idea behind this is that with the additional reach of your arms, the long reach comfort wipes will be able to reach any place on the body to ensure you can maintain proper hygiene regardless of your limited mobility.

The individuals who will still tend to struggle using a device like this are typically going to be individuals with very severe dexterity issues that causes severe pain in the hands and limits the individual’s ability to grab items with a firm grip.

Nonetheless, for all of the other injuries and disabilities individuals may face throughout your life, this is a budget-friendly and fantastic option to ensure that you continue to maintain freedom, independence and don’t place the burden on family, friends or caretakes to assist you with hygiene issues and sensitive personal task needing to be completed daily.

Other Positives that Long Reach Comfort Wipes Can Offer

In addition to the benefits we have discussed thus far into the post, let’s not lose sight on some of the other benefits and perks that long reach comfort wipes can offer. For starters, long reach comfort wipes come lightweight and highly durable.

This alone factored in with the cheap price point make them an easy to purchase assistive device. Especially considering how valuable the use is to individuals going through the pains of limited mobility and dexterity.

Safe and Sanitary Disposal Is Offered with Long Reach Comfort Wipes

Perhaps my favorite feature offered by long reach comfort wipes is the fact that safe and sanitary disposal is designed to be comfortable and fast.

With a long reach, comfort wipes you can simply click the button on the handle to drop the wipes or toilet paper into either the toilet or another sanitary location without the hassle of doing so manually or with your own hands.

The entire process from beginning to end with the long reach comfort wipes is designed to be cheap, easy and a great way to maintain personal hygiene and self-independence.

Final Word, Long Reach Comfort Wipes Are Under-Rated and Could Help You Regain Independence

Long reach comfort wipes seem to be one of the senior assistive devices that are discussed the least often compared to other options such as bath lifts, shower chairs or even commodes.

I’m somewhat surprised by this for the mere fact that long reach comfort wipes could help such a wide range of individuals either post-surgery, post-injury or that have permanent disabilities.

It’s a well-known fact that personal hygiene is perhaps the most difficult items for individuals with these issues to maintain and it’s also the one item that destroys individuals’ pride and sense of independence when they do need to rely on others for assistance with these everyday tasks.

For the price, I don’t think you can go wrong considering long reach comfort wipe. However, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

What’re your thoughts on long reach comfort wipes? Have you or someone you know used them before? How much assistance and relief can they provide? Share your thoughts and stories below and be sure to leave a comment.

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