What Are Hands-Free Page Magnifiers? [A Detailed Overview]


In a world filled with options and different methods to battle low vision, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed by all the possibilities. With the common goal being to merely restore the quality of life and to gain enjoyment once again in all your favorite hobbies and task, we need to understand the different options that are available to use in the form of magnification tools and low vision aids.

You have options such as handheld magnifiers, stand magnifiers and even telescopic lenses designed to help low vision individuals regain the ability to drive safely. A relatively newer option that is available to consumers is known as the hands-free page magnifiers. What are hands-free page magnifiers? Here is what I can tell you on this topic.

So, what are hands-free page magnifiers? Hands-free page magnifiers are explicitly designed to cover one page of reading material at a time. They are often offered in a standard 8.5 x 11-inch size which is the typical size of one piece of standard paper. They rest on the page itself involving no use of your hands or arm strength.

Hands-free page magnifiers are ideal for other uses and have some unique characteristics. I wanted to briefly touch on a few of these traits now for a moment or two. By the end of this post, you should have a clear understanding of what they are, and the best uses and applications you can enjoy out of a hands-free page magnifier.

A Deeper Look at Hands-Free-Page Magnifiers

Hands-free page magnifiers are another low-vision device specifically designed to help individuals battling various low visions conditions such as macular degeneration among others. In most circumstances, the hands-free page magnifiers will include a LED lighting system and will also include anti-glare features using SMD lights.

This feature helps provide even distribution across the page making the quality and visibility that much clearer. One of the significant benefits of the hands-free page magnifier that sets them apart from other similar devices such as a stand magnifier is the size of the lenses and viewing area. The fact that’s it’s nearly triple the standard size provides a much larger viewing area.

Many hands-free page magnifiers offer magnification levels around the 300% mark which equivalent to a 3x magnification level. The reason the magnification level is lower with this device is strictly due to the larger viewing area. The larger the lens, the less magnification power you can typically have.

Lightweight and Easily Portable

The hands-free page magnifier is another device to aid with low vision problems that come in at very light weights making them ideal for being portable and always having the ability to take them with you on the go. You could still easily use a carry bag or even a computer laptop bag to bring your magnifier with you. The standard weight for these devices is usually right around the 7-8 oz mark.

SMD Lighting Features

The SMD LED lighting options most of these hands-free page magnifiers offers can produce a 35% brighter light while consuming roughly 50% less power. A fresh set of batteries should provide you with plenty of quality reading time with reduced eye strain.

The LED lights in many of these devices have been tested and shown to last over 100,000 total hours of use before having any issues to worry about.

Adjustable Brightness Levels with Hands-Free Page Magnifiers

Additionally, a unique benefit you will find with these devices is the adjustable lighting settings. If you need a brighter viewing area, you can crank up the brightness level. If your spouse is trying to sleep next to you and you need less lighting, you can dim it down to fit your preference for that point in time.

Or, you can also consider the alternative use of these devices if the situation calls for it. A flashlight. That’s right, if your skeptical about spending a few dollars, feel good knowing that your device can double down and serve the purpose of a nice handy flashlight to have around for getting too dark places or in case the power happens to go out.

Overall, Are They Worth It?

Absolutely. It’s just another device out of many options that can help you if you are currently suffering from conditions such as macular degeneration. The sleek design, lightweight construction, and lighting features give you the control to take back enjoyment with everyday activities such as reading your favorite novel or action books.

Additionally, the fact that it’s hands-free places it in a class of devices that can be used for long periods without the concern of arm fatigue arising or diminishing your ability to complete the task without experiencing some form of discomfort.

How Much Do Hands-Free Page Magnifiers Cost?

This will depend on the exact model and product you decide to purchase. On average when you look at platforms such as Amazon or other online vendors, you can easily find a quality hands-free page magnifier for right around 20 dollars.

For this cost and the amount of relief it can provide, it’s crazy not to give them a shot. I suppose that’s just my opinion.

In Summary, Hands-Free Page Magnifiers May Be the Answer You Have Been Looking For


If you are one of the individuals feeling hopeless or having difficulty reading, enjoying your old hobbies such as coin collecting or even just struggling to complete an everyday task such as paying bills or reading the newspaper, a hands-free page magnifier may be the answer you have been searching for.

For the low cost, LED lighting, lightweight use and the fact that they are 100% portable, they are certainly a reliable option to consider in the market of low vision devices and magnification tools.

What’re your thoughts on this subject? Have you used a hands-free page magnifier? If so, how did it turn out and which product do you recommend to the readers? Be Sure to drop a comment below.


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