Freedom Grip Bed Handles [What Are They and How Do They Work]

freedom grip bed handle
What Are Freedom Grip Bed Handles and How Can They Provide Relief? Details Below

Searching for assistive devices can become overwhelming if you are currently in a situation where you want to restore some independence and quality of living back into your life. You have so many options and narrowing down which devices may provide the most relief, safety, and additional mobility may feel confusing. Not only that, but you may even be overwhelmed understanding how some of these devices work or can serve to improve your mobility and safety when performing certain functions. One of those devices I’m referring to is known as the Freedom Grip Bed Handle. Often, people have questions about the practical use of a freedom grip bed handle. Here is some information I’ve compiled together for you on this topic.

So, what is a freedom grip bed handle? A freedom grip bed handle is a rail that is installed on one side or both sides of your bed. Its purpose is to assist seniors, elderly or individuals with limited mobility get in and out of bed more safely. Additionally, it allows these individuals to get in and out of bed independently and without relying on others for assistance.

Now that we are aware of the freedom grip bed handles primary purpose, we need to discuss the logistics of the device and break down what to look for and how to gain the maximum benefits from owning a freedom grip bed handle. Let’s start diving into those details now.

More About the Freedom Grip Bed Handle and How It Works

Different forms of bed rails have been around for quite some time and used in many different scenarios such as hospitals, nursing homes and even for hospice care.

What individuals and consumers fail to realize, is that they can be just as useful in your home if your struggle with different aspects of mobility and often must rely on others to help you complete a basic task such as getting in and out of bed.

The core purposes behind these bed rails begin with the ability to get in and out bed with ease. Additionally, most individuals who use freedom grip bed rails can enjoy the added benefit of re-positioning themselves in bed comfortably and without assistance from others.

Additionally, freedom grip bed rails provide additional safety that helps prevent individuals with mobility problems from falling out of bed while sleeping or re-positioning themselves in bed. The alone is a significant benefit considering injuries are incredibly prevalent amongst this demographic.

How to Get Maximum Benefits Out of Your Freedom Grip Bed Handle

Maximizing benefits from any senior assistive device is the name of the game. Freedom grip bed handles allow for just that. However, it does require a few additional devices to be present.

For starters, freedom grip bed handles work excellent as a handle/rail to help you position yourself onto other assistive devices that you have nearby in the bedroom.

For instance, freedom grip bed handles are great safety rails to help you transfer yourself onto a commode, transfer bench or even a wheelchair. It makes the transition onto your other devices safe, more comfortable and possible to perform by yourself.

The additional privacy and sense of independence this can give individuals with limited mobility can be significant and help restore some pride and sense of freedom back into your life. Anytime this can be accomplished for a reasonable price, it seems like a win-win in my opinion.

Who Do Freedom Grip Bed Handles Help the Most?

Freedom grip bed handles can help a wide variety of individuals, but you do have a specific target demographic where freedom grip bed handles really provide the maximum amount of relief for. Let’s touch on this topic briefly.

Freedom grip bed handles are going to provide the most relief to individuals who have specific needs. Often this is going to include individuals who have suffered from a stroke, Parkinson’s or potentially a severe back or neck injury.

Additionally, freedom grip bed handles are going to aid individuals recovering from mobility limiting surgeries and individuals who have progressive bone diseases such as Paget’s.

Lastly, these Freedom Grip Bed handles can be perfect for individuals who suffer from cognitive impairment due to neurological disorders that are beginning to impact motor function.

How Much Will Freedom Grip Bed Handles Cost Me?

Freedom grip bed handles are not going to break the bank by any means. They are one of the cheaper senior assistive devices that you can currently purchase. Especially compared to some of the other devices currently being offered at higher price tags.

As I’m writing this post, you can currently find reliable and trustworthy freedom grip bed rails for right around 40.00-50.00. This would unfortunately only include 1 handle. However, in most circumstances, 1 freedom grip bed handle is all that would be needed.

For the overall benefits they can provide at this price, this is a must-have for anyone who falls into the primary group that we discussed that freedom grip bed rails are designed for.

Putting It All Together, Freedom Grip Bed Rails Can Provide Great Relief and Additional Safety

At the end of the day, it’s all about remaining safe, restoring independence and pride and having the ability to be as mobile as possible regardless of the medical conditions we are currently faced with.

Freedom grip bed rails can provide just that and are a must consider for any individual who struggles presently to get in and out of bed. The choice is ultimately yours.

Share your stories with the readers as well. Do you know anyone who has used Freedom grip hand rails? If so, what were the results and how much relief did they end up providing? Be sure to drop a comment below.

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