What Are Activator Poles? [An Overview of The Benefits]

what are activator poles
What Are Activator Poles?

Sometimes we have disabilities and mobility issues that cause us to be much less active in our everyday lives. Other times, we have joint pains and other mobility issues but we are still capable of being reasonably active individuals. Assistive devices aim to provide relief for all individuals battling these common problems. Among these devices, you will find one referred to as an activator pole. If you haven’t heard of it before, I plan on shedding some light on the topic. Many individuals haven’t heard of them before and often ask, what is an activator pole? After some research on the subject, here is what I can tell you.

So, what it is an activator pole? An activator pole is an assistive device or mobility tool that helps reduce stress and pain for individuals who live healthy and active lives. In most circumstances, activator poles will be used for older individuals who struggle with balance or joint problems but still desire to walk and remain active.

Activator poles do happen to come in a few different styles with different options. I wanted this post to be geared towards explaining activator poles and diving into how they can provide benefits to you or someone you care about. Let’s get started.

Activator Poles and The Relief That They Can Provide

As stated previously, activator poles are a bit different than some of the other assistive devices available on the market currently. Many assistive devices such as commodes, transfer benches, and even toilet seat risers are geared towards individuals with much more severe mobility issues or complete disabilities.

Nonetheless, all senior assistive devices are geared towards adding additional mobility, comfort, and safety for individuals currently struggling with balance, joint pain, mobility, and disabilities. Most of them do a fantastic job at providing this relief as well.

Activator poles are unique in the fact that they are built to be with you everywhere you go, or wherever you desire them to be. They can be used indoors around your house or can be taken with you on a morning walk if you are striving to remain fit and active.

The primary purpose is to reduce the stress placed on the joints in the feet, ankles, knees, and hips for seniors that are currently battling conditions such as arthritis or that have other joint issues causing mobility and balance issues.

Not All Activator Poles Are Created Equal

Some activator poles are going to be much more durable and high-end compared to other options. Some will be constructed out of high grade or high-quality materials such as aluminum alloy. These are the activator poles that I would be considering purchasing before leaning towards one of the lower end models.

Some additional features that are worth mentioning are the bell shape ends to activator poles that are specifically designed to increase stability and balance. Activator poles also use ergonomic grips that can reduce any strain being placed on the hands and wrist while in use.

Activator poles are also typically adjustable. Usually, activator poles will come with the ability to adjust to 6 different height settings which makes them more appealing and capable of serving a full range of individuals battling these common issues that present themselves in the senior demographic.

Activator poles are also collapsible and can be folded making them extremely ideal to use for travel and taking with you anywhere you need.

Are Activator Poles Expensive and Worth It?

Activator poles are undoubtedly worth it. It’s going to be tough to find a senior assistive device that’s not worth the money if you are genuinely in need of the benefits that they can provide. When you are struggling with balance, mobility, and stability, your life can become more dependent on others and become dangerous due to the risk of a fall that can cause other substantial injuries.

Anytime you can regain control of your life and stop relying on others for assistance is a favorable situation for everyone involved. Activator poles are going to run you around the 100-dollar mark for both poles typically. Some will be a little pricier depending on the model and where you purchase them, but rarely will activator poles cost you over 130-150.00 for the set.

In addition, activator poles do come backed by a lifetime manufacturer warranty, so if you are ever in doubt, this should help rest your mind.

Other Great Uses for Activator Poles for Individuals with Varying Needs

Activator poles are known to serve other individuals with specific needs as well. Some of these needs can include but not be limited to the following problems.

•    Post Hip and Knee Surgeries

•    Stroke Victims

•    MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

•    Chronic Pain

•    Cancer Survivors

•    Rehab from Significant Injuries

•    Spinal Injuries

•    Mobility and Balance Issues

•    Senior’s with Joint Pain and Arthritis

Putting It All Together, Activator Poles Can Help Many Individuals with a Range of Varying Needs

Activator poles are a more unique senior assistive device. They help individuals with many different unique situations and can certainly provide you with much-needed relief as well. Whether you or active or hindered by your mobility issues, activator poles can step in and relive some of the pain and problem for you. Give them a try to start taking back some of your favorite activities and enjoying life again.

What’re your thoughts on activator poles? Have you or someone you know used them or currently using them? Do you have further recommendations? Be sure to drop a comment below.

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