The Benefits of Chewigems [A Great Aid for Sensory Processing Disorders]

What Is A Chewigem? The Benefits and Details Below!

Sensory processing disorders can come in many variations and present differently depending on the child. Some children are impacted more by visual sensory issues, and some are affected by what is known as oral sensory disorders. Nonetheless, sensory disorders present in children frequently. Definitely more often than we may think. Especially when other disorders are involved, such as autism. In recent years, occupational therapist and physicians have been recommending products that can help curve some of the destructive behaviors while helping children in various ways.

One of these newer innovations is known as chewigem bracelets or pendants. Many individuals often have questions about what these are and how they can help. What are chewigems, and how do they work? Here is what I know on this topic.

So, what are chewigems? Chewigems are designed to curve chewing behaviors in children with oral sensory processing disorders who often have an issue chewing so frequently that it can become destructive or even pose a danger to our childrens teeth and teeth development.

Now, keep in mind that chewigems come in many different variations and some can be used for enhancing concentration while other chewigems can be used to reduce stress and anxiety amongst children that currently suffer from these sensory processing disorders. Let’s look at the options and give a full scope overview.

A Deeper Look at Chewigem and The Benefits It Can Provide Someone with Sensory Difficulties

Oral sensory problems are much more prevalent than individuals may believe. We use our mouths and chewing like motions to help our brains receive a lot of information that we process daily. Chewigem’s primary purpose is to help aid with proprioceptive sensory inputs that stimulate the mouth and jaw muscles.

Depending on your child or grandchild’s specific wants or needs, chewigems offer various thicknesses and colors to fit your kids’ personalities and their chewing needs.

Oral Sensory problems can lead to further issues in the future if not controlled or “curbed” the best we can. Oral sensory issues have been shown to cause delays in speech and communication development and can also cause significant dental hygiene impacts.

Chewigems are meant to step in and curb this destructive chewing behavior to help avoid these issues developing or getting more severe in the future. Chewigems are constructed out of FDA compliant silicone. Additionally, chewigems are lead, latex, and PVC free. Chewigems are a 100% safe way to help a child struggling with an oral/ sensory processing disorder.

Where Do You Find and Purchase Chewigem and What’s the Cost?

You can find chewigems on various online marketplaces. However, it’s going to depend significantly on the chewigem you are specifically looking for. You can purchase chewigems as bracelets, necklaces, or free-standing chewing devices. Depending on which your child or grandchild may prefer, may vary where you decide to look for your chewigem.

Marketplaces such as Amazon are a great place to start looking. Prices range anywhere from 10.00-20.00 depending on the chewigem you select.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Chewigems

Other questions often arise from concerned parents and caretakers of individuals who need a tool to help aid with oral sensory problems. One of the issues that comes up frequently is concerning the taste of chewigems.

What do chewigems taste like? Chewigems do not have a taste. A child will experience no feeling when chewing on any variation of a chewigem and chewigems are constructed of 100% safe materials for consumption and are FDA compliant.

Another question that comes up frequently refers to the texture of chewigems. Some children are known to experience a more significant amount of benefits from chewigems that have texture.

Examples of this could include chewigems that resemble a sprinkled donut where the sprinkles are raised and contain texture to help your child relieve more oral sensory difficulties, and they are also known to provide more mental stimulation while chewing.

Will Chewigems Help with Other Nervous Chewing Disorders?

Yes, chewigems have been known to help with more than just sensory processing disorders. Chewigems can provide relief in situations where children may have other nervous chewing behaviors such as chewing their nails, chewing their hair or aggressively chewing other un-safe items around their home or school.

Is Chewigems Good for Autism and Other Sensory Processing Disorders?

They could be. Autism has a broad spectrum, and sensory processing disorders can impact kids on varying levels with autism.

Sometimes a chewigem could be a perfect solution for a child with autism to help eliminate certain chewing behaviors, and in some situations, you would be much better off using a device such as a sensory pod or even a sensory sock to help provide relief and mental relaxation to your children.

It just depends on the child, and the severity of the sensory processing disorder and an excellent course or plan of action would be to speak to an occupational therapist before deciding on which device may be the best fit for you and your family.

Putting It All Together, Chewigem Is an Often-Overlooked Aid for Sensory Processing Disorders

Chewigems for the pricing in the 10-20.00-dollar range is surely a sensory processing aid that I would be giving an honest effort if you have a child currently battling against oral sensory processing disorders.

They can help curve unwanted chewing behaviors, protect your child’s teeth, and help your child to stimulate their mind during stressful environments and situations. Anything we can do to help our children live healthier, more balanced lives is undoubtedly worth trying.

I would, however, love your feedback on chewigems. Have you tried a chewigem for your child or grandchild in the past? Did you have any specific design or option that worked great or maybe a design that didn’t work at all? Be sure to share your stories and drop a comment below.

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