Senior Assistance Devices


A Break Down of Grab Bars [Info, Options +Tips]

Different assistive devices can provide relief and aid for individuals who currently struggle with mobility issues or a disability. Understanding some of these devices and best practices are when things can get somewhat more confusing. Which devices you should be looking for and which devices you ultimately purchase can make […]


Bath Lifts for Seniors [What Are They and How Do They Work?]

Suffering from a disability is a struggle of its own. It can permanently remove the quality of life and leave seniors and other individuals with a feeling of hopelessness and a loss of pride. Not to mention, limited mobility and disabilities can often leave seniors and other individuals feeling as […]


What Is A Transfer Bench? [The Details and How it Can Help]

Assistive devices for seniors can come in various shapes, sizes, and different options. In many situations, seniors need multiple assistive devices to get through a typical day. Especially when mobility is limited, and safety is a primary concern. Avoiding falls, and injury is priority number 1. Today, I wanted to […]


What Is A Bariatric Commode? [A Commode with Added Features]

Commodes come in various shapes, sizes and even colors. Sometimes understanding all the differences can be somewhat confusing. Nonetheless, you are likely only looking to find something that can begin providing relief and getting you back to enjoying independence and not depending on a caregiver, friend or family member. This […]


How Do You Clean a Plastic Shower Chair? [Best Practices + Tips]

Certain devices provide many uses and benefits to seniors or individuals with mobility issues. It’s an excellent market for assistive devices, and it’s only getting better. However, something that’s often overlooked is some routine cleaning and maintenance tips for some of these devices. Recently, a question I noticed was showing […]


What Is A Commode Chair? [A Brief Overview and Explanation]

Sometimes we are suffering from an illness or injury that has caused either temporary or permanent disability. In some instances, it’s not even us that’s currently dealing with this disability but someone that we love. If this is the case, you are likely trying to find answers and any good […]


What Are Shower Chairs Used For [Uses and Applications]

Many everyday tasks that seniors are faced with can pose unique dangers and safety hazards. Falling and causing injuries such as bone fractures is extremely common among seniors and it’s been this way for decades. Because of this, senior assistive devices have been trying to solve as many of these […]