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What Are Sensory Socks? [A Break Down and Benefits]

  Some children struggle with different aspects and sensory processing disorders. Over the years, several products have been released and offered to these individuals and their families in hopes that some benefits would be accomplished and that our children would have an easier time with sensory processing. One of these […]

what are long reach comfort wipes

What Are Long Reach Comfort Wipes? [Uses and Benefits]

Struggling with everyday living activities due to limited mobility or dexterity issues can be very troublesome for many individuals in life. It’s unfortunate and will continue to be an ongoing problem. Fortunately, as time goes by, more and more options continue to be introduced to individuals who struggle with mobility […]

what are activator poles

What Are Activator Poles? [An Overview of The Benefits]

Sometimes we have disabilities and mobility issues that cause us to be much less active in our everyday lives. Other times, we have joint pains and other mobility issues but we are still capable of being reasonably active individuals. Assistive devices aim to provide relief for all individuals battling these […]