Low Vision Aids


What Are Hands-Free Page Magnifiers? [A Detailed Overview]

In a world filled with options and different methods to battle low vision, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed by all the possibilities. With the common goal being to merely restore the quality of life and to gain enjoyment once again in all your favorite hobbies and task, we need to […]


What Are TV Screen Magnifiers? [A Quick-Detailed Summary]

Watching television is one of the most performed daily activities across the world. It’s been like that for a long time and probably won’t change anytime soon. Unfortunately, when low vision problems strike, losing the ability to watch television is one area that can impact and affect the overall quality […]


Do Bar Magnifiers Work? [Everything You Need to Know]

You have hundreds of low vision optical devices that are offered to individuals currently battling low vision problems. Sometimes they are a perfect fit for what you need to accomplish and sometimes it requires a little more legwork to find something that’s really going to get the job done for […]


What Is A Lamp Magnifier? [The Benefits and Features]

With all the new devices and low vision aids on the market today, it’s important to understand the differences and benefits of each device. The goal is always to find the best fit for your specific needs. Some individuals may suffer from conditions such as Macular Degeneration, and some others […]


Stand Magnifiers and Low Vision [Is It A Good Option?]

When it comes to battling low vision, you have several decisions you need to make. One of them is easy but also never comes without some confusion and hesitation. You see, many different options present themselves in today’s market for low vision aids. Most of these low vision aids also […]