Implementing Sensory Socks [5 Activities You Need to Try]

For those of you who have decided that a sensory sock or body sock is the sensory-based tool you are going to implement for someone struggling with sensory processing disorders, you may be curious of the best ways to implement these body socks and get the most bang for your buck.

Luckily, with sensory socks, you have a long list of options and a great deal of creativity you can put into action to get the most out of your purchase. Sensory socks, in general, are designed specifically to provide aid and relief with proprioceptive and deep pressure input.

If you need a quick overview or guide to understanding body socks before moving forward, you can start by reading our post that breaks down all the great benefits body socks can provide here. It will give you the initial information you need to decide if it’s something that could help a loved one with their current sensory processing disorders.

If however, you are up to speed or possibly have already a sensory sock, we need to take the time to break down some of the great uses and ways to implement the body sock effectively.

In this post, I’m going to break down 5 fantastic ways to use a body sock so that you gain the most benefit and use from your sensory sock. Let’s kickstart that conversation now.

5 Ways to Use and Implement Body Socks (Sensory Socks)

Sensory socks are fun and unique tools for sensory processing disorders. However, learning to implement them correctly is an entirely different conversation. Using these 5 ways to have a blast with your sensory socks will you get you off to a fast start. Also, always keep in mind to always tailor your body socks (sensory socks) to your children’s liking. Sensory socks come in different sizes and even different colors. Allowing your child to use their favorite color is just the beginning of the fun that a sensory sock may be able to deliver for you and your children.

#1- Make Believe and Pretend Activities

Kids absolutely love making the most out of body socks in this fashion. It makes sense when you think about it. Kids have their entire bodies wrapped up tight in a color they likely have chosen for their body sock.

Let their imaginations run wild in this fashion. Let them run around and act out their favorite cartoon character or superhero.

Build play areas and make fun action props to bring the activity to life. Nonetheless, there is no reason not to allow your body sock to provide relief for sensory processing disorder while entertaining and bringing our kids imagination to life.

#2- Turn Up the Activity with Races

Races are a great way to use a body sock to get the blood flowing and to allow your kids the chance to burn off some energy while experiencing some relief at the same time. This is another opportunity to let the imaginations come to life.

You can stick with simple horse races or even set up relay courses. Another quick and simple solution to turn your body sock into a much more versatile and useful tool for your kids to use for fun and relief.

#3- Relax and Enjoy Some Quiet Time

Sometimes, when children suffer from sensory processing disorders, over stimulating environments can cause heavy anxiety for your children. Sometimes there is no better activity than just a good old-fashioned de-compression time where your child wraps up tight in the sensory sock and calms down.

#4- Get in Some Additional Learning with Reading Time

This is probably the most common activities that children can enjoy while using a body sock. Set up a quite are in the home where your children can relax with a good book wrapped up inside of the sensory sock. Some children even like taking this to the next level and having something such as a pop-up tent set-up as their reading and creativity zone.

Whatever the case may be, have some fun with it and create a secret world for your child to escape too and relax with their favorite stories.

#5- Bring Back the Childhood Favorites and Get Creative

Old school games such as peek-a-boo, musical chairs, or even “Simon Says” are also great options and great use of a sensory sock. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or a complex game for your child to enjoy it.

If the game is age appropriate and allows your child to have fun while being provided relief, then you are in good shape. Some parents even state that acting out your ABC’s is enough enjoyment for their kids to enjoy their sensory sock.

The options are endless if you are willing to be creative and try several games and activities until you can find one that your kid can enjoy.

Final Word, Start with These 11 Activities to Get the Most Out of Your Sensory Sock

At the end of the day, it’s clear that sensory socks have plenty of options and uses that many individuals probably have not thought of. While the primary purpose is to deliver relief for sensory processing disorders, it certainly doesn’t mean that your child can enjoy their sensory sock in multiple ways.

Get creative. Nobody knows your kid better than you so find a game that you know they will love to play. If your kids can have fun while being more comfortable and having less anxiety than it seems silly not to give it a try.

I’d love your opinion on this topic as well. What activities do you have your kids try while using their sensory socks? Do you have any additions you think should be added to our list? Be sure to share your stories and drop a comment below.

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