How Does Low Vision Affect Daily Life [The Sad Truth About Low Vision]


If you’re reading this, you may not be the individual suffering from low vision problems. Maybe you are but you are just in the beginning stages of suffering and battling low vision problems for various different reasons. Maybe it’s cataracts and maybe it’s something like Glaucoma or Macular Degeneration. The point is that it doesn’t really matter why you are reading it but the information you are seeking is what we are seeking to provide.

I’ve noticed that family members including children, spouses, and others have had questions lately. One of them is very simple in nature. How does low vision affect daily life? After spending a lot of time in around low vision aids and plenty of research, here Is what I can tell you about the situation.

So, how does low vision affect daily life? Low vision affects daily life in many ways. It removes the ability to perform a task such as driving, working, reading and writing. In addition, low vision has been linked and proven to cause depression in individuals. It also creates the need to depend on others for various reasons.

Now, this is only a bird’s eye view of the issues you may experience with low vision problems or maybe someone you know is experiencing some of these problems and you are trying to prepare yourself. The good news is that I plan to help you with that.

I want to explain everything you should know when it comes to low vision and how it affects everyday life. The more prepared you are, the better you can effectively plan to fight back and help yourself or someone you know to restore the quality of life as soon as possible.

The Effects of Low Vision on Everyday Life Broken Down

We already discussed how low vision problems can cause issues with various activities that you are trying to perform, and it can greatly reduce your ability to enjoy everyday things that others have the luxury of enjoying throughout life.

Let’s break down some of those common activities and everyday task I’m referring to so that you can get a better idea of what I mean.


Reading is one area that’s going to be stripped from you when you begin battling low vision problems. Eye conditions/diseases such as Macular Degeneration is going to greatly reduce your ability to read the way you use to. From blurred text to fuzzy letters, it’s going to be nearly impossible to read the way a normal individual with 20/20 vision would encounter.

How many task or to-do list items come up throughout a day where you need the ability to read? In case you aren’t aware, the numbers are staggering. Directions to a new purchase that needs to be assembled, recipes for cooking, newspaper articles, and even subtitles on your favorite movies are some examples.

We didn’t even mention road signs and items such as balancing your checkbook or checking your grandkids homework over.


If you need the ability to read, you most likely need the ability to write as well. Low vision problems can destroy the ability to do both activities. Writing to pay bills, leave notes or even perform your 9-5 job are essential and critical abilities we all need. When low vision problems arise, this can really put a halt to a lot of areas of life. (Don’t worry, we will discuss solutions towards the end of these posts.)


What about cooking? How are you supposed to read directions, nutritional labels, and recipes from your famous recipe book? Even cooking can be greatly impacted by individuals who are fighting low vision problems.

Watching Television

Oh lord, don’t take the television away. Most would probably prefer losing another ability before the television viewing capabilities begin to be stripped away. Sadly, television is one area that’s also going to be impacted by low vision. Seeing individual characters or objects on your favorite movies may prove hard and even cause eye strain without the proper devices to help aid you through the process.


Yep, even driving is going to be on the list of impacted activities that low vision problems creep in and takes from us. Seeing items to close to you or even off into the distance may be one of the first things you are no longer capable of completing.

Devices are available to help aid this problem dramatically, but it is important to know that driving is one activity that may never be same or you may not be able to perform this function at all in some situations.

Sporting Events

Maybe your grandson plays tee ball, or you are just a die-hard Chicago Bears fan and love attending the games. We all know how far or high back these seats can be at these games and if you are suffering from something such as macular degeneration, it’s quite possible that you may not be able to enjoy these activities anymore. We will cover solutions for this too.

Recognizing People

This is one that can cause a heavy onset of depression for individuals. Losing the ability to even recognize who is around you is a feeling of hopelessness and despair. It can take a heavy toll on individuals suffering from eye conditions and really drag down the overall quality of life.

We have now covered all the smaller activities that may be too hard or painful to conquer anymore while suffering from low vision. What about other poor consequences from low vision? Where else will low vision creep into your life and cause problems for you?

Other Poor Health Conditions

Some believe that low vision will lead to other health conditions. Many with the decreased ability to see correctly are less active and less healthy in general. It’s tough to stay healthy, strong and active when many of the tasks that provide these benefits require travel, vision or the ability to function at 100% capacity.

Dependence on Others/ Devices

Low vision is also going to cause problems amongst family or maybe to your checkbook. If you can’t fully find a solution to the problem, you could be forced paying for care or placing that burden on family members to become your caretakers. Either way, it’s likely to be a situation that’s unfortunate for the parties involved if another solution can’t be used.

Working Capabilities

Many jobs need the ability to drive, read and write. If you can’t perform these three tasks, it’s going to be very tough for you to maintain employment and remain in the workforce. This is another reason why low vision can lead to depression and other issues over time. A lack of purpose and getting out of the house is just a by-product of low vision issues.

Other Injuries Such as Fractures

Many individuals who suffer from low vision also become a victim of other injuries as a direct correlation to the vision. With eyesight going bad it’s much easier to begin missing objects around you causing trips and falls that can cause to other bone fractures and many other health hazards.

Depression and Distress

This is another category that sadly comes with the territory of being a victim of low vision problems. When you can’t do the things that you once loved it starts becoming difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You may lose your sense of purpose and not feel like much is left for you in the world, but there definitely is.

Faster Cognitive Deterioration

When you aren’t performing the task needed to keep your mind stimulated, the chances of more cognitive impairments or degeneration become much more likely. It’s always been a fact that seniors performing a task such as crossword puzzles helps keep them sharp and moving.

When you lose the ability to do these things, there is always the chance that you suffer from further cognitive impairments sooner than others may experience the same conditions.

What’s the Best Solution?

Low vision aids and devices are the solutions. They have been around for a long time but they can make a world of difference and bring the joy and everyday activities back into your life for fairly cheap prices. A device such as the iMagniphy 3 Set Magnification tool with LED lighting could quickly restore your abilities to read, write and potentially complete many other tasks.

In addition, specially designed vision aids for the activities we discussed as well exist and they can get you back to driving or performing the more difficult task in life. Either way, there is always an option to help get your vision back to where it needs to be.

Your best bet is to start by consulting with a professional to see how bad your vision is and what device makes the most sense. From there, find a reputable and trustworthy brand and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Putting It All Together. Explore the Options and Don’t Give Up Hope

At the end of the day will low vision problems hurt some of the quality of life? Yes. Especially if you don’t take our advice and consider the best options to start affording yourself relief and restoration of your vision.

I understand that you feel you are in a rut and nothing can help but these devices have proven to help millions going through the exact same thing as you. So, what are you going to do about it? Do you have any recommendations for low vision devices? Which ones have worked the best for you? Be sure to leave a comment below.



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