Why Do Magnifying Glasses Flip Images? [A Quick Overview]

It’s possible you have recently taken the plunge into purchasing your first magnifier. Maybe it’s a handheld magnifier used for reading, and perhaps it’s just a plain old magnifying glass. What I have seen in recent time is some confusion about a few things of the actual use of some […]


Do Stand Magnifiers Work? [Here’s What To Consider]

The options available on the market for low vision devices and aids is huge. You have handheld magnifiers, bar magnifiers, and loupes. That’s 3 of about 100 hundred total options. Depending on your hobbies and exact needs it can be difficult to know which one may suit you best and […]

are magnifiers bad for your eyes

Are Magnifiers Bad For Your Eyes? [All You Need to Know]

Many of you reading this post may have concerns about which direction to go to gain some relief with your current low vision problem you are facing. Maybe this is Macular Degeneration, and perhaps this is cataracts. That’s okay, and I understand where you may feel overwhelmed about what the […]