Does Medicare Pay for A Shower Chair? [Alternative Solutions for Purchase]


Living on a budget for a senior is essential. I get it. Social security isn’t what it used to be, and healthcare cost is through the roof. Sometimes it’s hard to purchase anything outside our monthly obligations. The sad part about this is that sometimes we aren’t looking for items to bring us joy and flashy glamour. We are merely trying to retain some of the quality of life and continue to take care of ourselves. That’s led me to a recent question we often get from individuals regarding shower chairs. Does Medicare pay for a shower chair? Here is what I can tell you on this topic.

So, does Medicare pay for a shower chair? No, Medicare will not pay for a shower chair. Shower chairs do not fall into the category of medically necessary devices. Medicare additionally does not consider a shower chair a durable piece of medical equipment. Due to these factors, Medicare will not cover the cost of a shower chair. To purchase a shower chair, you would need to cover the value out of pocket.

Unfortunately, this is the truth about shower chairs and Medicare is not going to provide any assistance. I’m sure this is disappointing to read, and we didn’t intend on getting your hopes up.

However, we did want to point a few things that may help with your shower chair purchase and give you a few tips to save a few dollars during the purchasing process.

Let’s dive into those and see if we can still put together the funds to get a new shower chair in your home today!

Other Options to Consider When Purchasing a Shower Chair on A Seniors Budget.

Again, according to Medicare, your desired shower chair purchase does not fall into a category where it’s classified as necessary or a durable piece of medical equipment. In case you are curious what falls into this category or what would be considered a covered item by Medicare, we wanted to show you a brief list.

Items That Would Be Covered by Medicare or Considered Durable Medical Equipment

The following items are covered by Medicare or fall into the category that you were likely hoping your shower chair would fall into as well.

•    Walkers

•    Crutches

•    Oxygen Tanks and Oxygen Accessories

•    Blood Sugar Monitors

•    Hospital Beds

Again, unfortunately, shower chairs do not show up on this list, but perhaps this will change soon. Predicting changes in Medicare is about as easy as predicting the weather so your guess would be as good as mine.

So, What Can You Do Instead to Purchase a Shower Chair?

Now that we are aware that we won’t be receiving any help from Medicare on this issue, it’s time to formulate a plan B.

This is going to entail budget shopping for a shower chair, locating the best deal and taking great care of your shower chair to avoid purchasing a second shower chair soon.

Shop Online First, Check Retail Stores Second

I know as seniors that the online world is still a little scary and you may not enjoy making purchases without physically seeing the item first. However, prices on basic shower chairs from retailers can be nearly 30% higher than the amount you can achieve online.

Online marketplaces like Amazon or even shower chair manufactures could offer you a shower chair in the 20-25-dollar range while at the same time a retailer is wanting around 40.00 for the same shower chair.

This is just the simple economics of ordering online vs. walking into the store and a core reason online sale have boosted to unbelievable numbers in the last decade.

What If I Don’t Feel Comfortable Ordering Online or Don’t Know How?

No problem. If electronic devices aren’t necessarily your cup of tea or need some help, we recommend having a friend or family member help you with the process. This can make things easy on you, and you can browse the options together.

I know that 20-40 dollars isn’t a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, but I also know that living on a senior’s budget can often be extremely tight and painful to round up any additional funds. If you can save the 20.00 dollars or so, why not do it?

Keep Your Shower Chair Clean After Purchase, It Will Last Much Longer

Shower chairs are like any other item in life that we purchase. They don’t necessarily last forever, and it’s likely you will buy a few of them over your life. A way to reduce the number of times you need to continue buying shower chairs is to keep them as clean as possible.

Keeping your shower chair clean will prevent bacteria, mold and other issues taking place and in turn, will make your shower chair last you much longer. The further we can stretch that first 20 dollars or so, the better. With something as simple as keeping your shower clean, it seems silly not to do so.

Final Word, Budget Shop, Compare Rates and Take Care of Your Shower Chair for Better Results

I know it’s disappointing that once again, Medicare fails us and provides no help for an item that’s needed so frequently. It is frustrating, and I hope they make changes soon to their system as well.

However, it is what it is, and we must deal with it. Get some help from a family member and browse your options. Once you locate and purchase a shower chair, take care of it and enjoy restoring some of the quality of life.

What’re your recommendations for a budget-friendly shower chair? How often have you had to replace your shower chair? Be sure to drop a comment below.

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