The Options Available for Body Socks [Colors, Sizing, Pricing +Tips]

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Frequently Asked Questions and Options Available For Body/Sensory Socks

Sensory problems and individuals who battle them are something that impacts more individuals than people likely realize. It’s an extremely prevalent issue among individuals struggling with specific disorders such as Autism. Luckily, we live in a world where individuals are consistently innovating new ways to help individuals with various problems and create new ways to help. Sensory socks certainly fall into this basket of aids and tools that can be used to support your children or grandchildren and allow them comfort and relief while promoting fewer problems with their sensory issues.

Additionally, sensory socks come with many different options, sizes, and customizations that you can choose from. That’s what this post is designed to cover. I want to break down some of the frequently asked questions we run into about body socks and break down some of the unique options and customizations that body socks allow for.  Here’s the inside scoop.

Body Socks Offer A Variety of Sizes, Colors, and Options

One of the unique features that I personally like about body socks is the ability to custom tailor the body sock to fit your children and grandchildren based on their height and weight. Body socks are often offered by online vendors and available in all your primary colors such as the following.

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Black
  • White

This a nice feature to include. Especially when you consider the primary audience or likely individuals who will be using body socks. Often individuals who currently suffer from Autism are incredibly particular about certain things in life.

Colors and a sock that encloses their entire body could undoubtedly be one of those things that your children or grandchildren may be very particular and specific about.

Additionally, body socks are offered to help individuals of different heights and weights and can be custom made by certain vendors as well to fit your child perfectly. Let’s dive into some of the sizing options for body socks next.

Body Socks Sizing Options and Customizations Available Currently

Clearly, if we have a child or grandchild in need of a sensory sock, it would be most ideal if the sock was an ideal or perfect fit. Currently, body socks offer a wide range of sizes to allow for children of all heights and weights to have a chance to use them.

Some of the most common sizes available would include the following.

  • 70 Inches Long By 28 Inches Width
  • 35 Inches Long By 20 Inches Width
  • 50 Inches Long By 24 Inches Width
  • 47 Inches Long By 27 Inches Width

Some more good news comes from the fact that if you have a child that needs a unique size, it is entirely possible to craft your own body sock with the right materials and a sewing machine.

Next, on the agenda, I wanted to take the time to cover some of the frequently asked questions we typically see and or read from online communities. I will structure them in a simple question and answer format to make things as easy and clear to understand. Here’s a look at those.

Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions About Body Socks for Sensory Problems and Difficulties

Q: How Do Sensory Socks Enclose Once Your Child Is Inside of them?

A: Sensory socks typically come with a Velcro opening/slit that allows for closure once your child is inside of the body sock. The Velcro straps together near the top and upper back or chest area of the body sock.

Be sure when ordering a body sock that you double check and ensure it includes the Velcro slit. Some individuals complain or dislike body socks that do not include the Velcro closure stating that they are loose fitting and don’t work very well.

Q: Do Children Enjoy Wearing Body Socks or Interacting Inside of Body Socks

A: Yes, most children with sensory processing disorders do enjoy being within enclosed cuddly type spaces. Body sensory socks fit this profile and make children with these disabilities feel safe and comfortable.

Q: What Age Do Sensory Socks Typically Not Work as An Option Anymore?

A: This much depends on your child’s needs and size. Additionally, keep in mind that you can also create your own sensory socks with the right material.

Q: How Much Do Body Socks Typically Cost?

A: Most body socks depending on the size, will range anywhere from about 26.00-45.00.  This will depend on where you order your body sock and what size your child needs.

What Should You Do Next?

If you believe a body sock could help your children with sensory related difficulties, your next step should be locating the correct sized body sock for your child and of course, picking their favorite color.

Following this step, simply look for socks with positive reviews and give one a try and learn the uses and creative ways to interact with your child while they wear the socks.

In Summary, Body Socks Are Designed to Help a Wide Variety of Children with Sensory Difficulties

Body socks designed to help provide aid to children dealing with sensory difficulties come in many variations, colors, and sizes making them an excellent option for all children going through these problems.

Not only that but the children love them, and the activities that can be performed with your children while using a sensory full body sock are endless if you get creative with its uses. Anything we can do to add some comfort and relief for our children is the best-case scenario. That’s my take on the situation at least but I’ll leave that decision up to you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or other questions you may have. Be sure to drop stories, comments, and questions below.

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