Gifts for Children with Sensory Processing Disorders [3 Great Ideas]

Many individuals with children who are currently struggling with sensory processing disorders find themselves searching for viable options and toys that can help provide relief and even aid their children with their current struggles.

It’s understandable and it’s tough to know which toys are the best option or what toys may be currently available to children that are going through these struggles. Especially when you are searching for ideas on a limited budget.

The good news? That’s what this post is going to help with. I wanted to detail 3 fantastic gifts you can get for the kids or even grandkids that are not only fun but can dramatically improve your kids struggles with sensory processing disorders and help to provide some relief in new and innovative ways.

Below is going to be the list I’ve compiled together that will consist of 3 toys you must try for your kids with sensory processing disorders. They are listed in no order but are sure to provide your kids with fun, entertainment and some temporary relief with their current struggles.

Here are the details.

3 Awesome Gifts to Consider for Children with Sensory Processing Disorders

To clarify, the items listed below are in no order. No gift is necessarily any better than the other gifts on the list and all the gifts vary in price and functionality so the list is meant to tailor and present options to a wide range of parents and children. Here they are.

#1- Sensa Rocker

A Sensa rocker is a newer toy or tool available that caters to the population that suffers from sensory processing disorders or any form of autism on the spectrum. Its primary function is to relax and calm your children while providing relief with sensory processing disorders.

Sensa rockers are unique in the fact that they come with colorful backgrounds and balls that move around within the chair itself. All that’s required for use with a sensa rocker is to inflate it with air.

Many children enjoy simply sitting in the rocker to calm down and relax and the sensa rocker can even be used to watch television or to read a good book. Overall, it’s nothing more than a textured and colorful chair that helps stimulate children with sensory processing disorders in a positive way.

The one downfall you may run into with the sensa rocker is the price. Compared to other toys and gadgets that can aid with sensory processing disorders, the sensa chair does run a steep 149.99.

However, with our kids’ best interest at heart, it’s not that steep of an investment to consider when you weigh in the benefits it can potentially provide.

#2- Surf Floors or Liquid Floors (Sensory Floors)

Sensory floors are another great option for your child to lay down and relax and potentially even read a good book. Sensory floors come in a 20 inch by 20-inch rug style format and are leak proof and built to be anti-slip.

A positive that your kids will surely enjoy is the ability to pick your color with sensory floors. Currently, you will have the option to choose between blue, green, purple, orange, red and pink.

Sensory floors are designed to stimulate sensory and perceptual development while also providing a relaxing spot where your child can calm down if they become over-stimulated in their environment.

The overall use you can gain from a sensory floor is up to you. Some parents have these floors placed in a separate room such as your child’s bedroom, but you could also use them for your child to lay down to watch tv or even read or complete homework.

At a price point of only 29.99, it’s an option to consider and worth the investment to see if you can create a quiet and non-stimulating environment for your child currently struggling with sensory processing disorders.

#3- Gonge Hilltops

Gonge Hilltops are designed to not only help with sensory processing disorders but to also help with getting your kids a bit more active and moving around. When you purchase the package of gonge hilltops, you are given 5 different heights with textured walls for your children to climb and hop from hilltop to hilltop.

The help with sensory processing that is delivered using a toy such as the gonge hilltops is the ability to learn different heights and distances from visually inspecting and gauging what’s needed to jump from each hilltop.

Don’t worry parents, these hilltops are tall enough to cause danger and are only 10 inches high. The platform for standing his however wider and makes for a more desirable and safer platform to stand before each jump coming in at 1.5 feet wide.

Gonge hilltops come in a variety of colors and can also support up to 220 pounds safely. This is, however, one of the toys on the list that’s on the pricy side coming in at 119.00 for a set of 5.

Nonetheless, if you have tried other tools and not had much luck it’s possible you need some of these more interactive and playful style toys to help aid your child through their current struggles with sensory processing disorders.

Final Word, Plenty of Options Are Available. All You Have to Do Is Give One A Try

At the end of the day, nobody understands your kids better than you do. Finding a toy or aid that your children will enjoy and will enable your child to relax with is priority number 1. Gaining relief for sensory processing disorders is at the top of the to-do list as well.

Regardless of which of these three items you choose to try, it’s likely that one or all three will accomplish the task you have set out to accomplish. Provide relief and provide somewhere where your kid can calm down, relax and remove themselves from over-stimulating environments.

I’d love to get your feedback on this topic as well. Do you have any sensory processing disorders you believe should be added to this list? Be sure to share your stories and comments below.

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